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crime and criminals vocabulary

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So hello everybody. In this video we are going to see some vocabulary related to unit 7 which is, crimes and criminals And these are the crimes that we are going to see: shoplifting, hacking, theft, armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, vandalism and burglary So let’s start First, we have shoplifting, that means to steal from a store and the person who commits shoplifting is called a shoplifter So, if you go to La Morea, for example, and you steal a T-shirt from any store, you are committing shoplifting Secondly, we have hacking which means to get into a computer system without permission. The person who commits hacking is called hacker So, If you get into the police website a and you delete somebody’s criminal records, that’s hacking Thirdly, we have theft: which is, basically, stealing anything but without using any violence The person who commits this crime is called a thief An example is stealing someone’s wallet on the street. Another type of crime is armed robbery which is stealing using an arm The person who commits an armed robbery is called an armed robber An example of this crime is when somebody gets into a bank and tries to steal the money using a gun. Our next crime is murder Which means, killing somebody, on purpose, that is, not by accident The person who commits a murder is called a murderer An example of murder is stabbing somebody with a knife and killing that person The next crime is kidnapping Which means, taking somebody away and keeping that person as a prisoner usually to ask for money in return A person who commits kidnapping is called a kidnapper. An example of kidnapping is taking away the son of a rich man and asking him for a million dollars to get his son back The seventh crime is vandalism Which means: destroying or damaging property The person who commits vandalism is called a vandal An example of this is destroying a bus stop or breaking the glass of a shop window Our last crime is burglary which means: breaking into a house to steal The person who commits burglary is called a burglar. An example of this crime is getting into a house during the night when the owner is not there to steal an expensive painting So these were the crimes that we have in unit 7 But, what happens if the police catches the criminals? Then, the judge can decide between different punishments for them They can maybe go to prison, in the case of thefts, hacking, armed robbery, burglary or kidnapping, for example They can do community service, in the case of vandalism They can pay a fine, in the case of shoplifting Or maybe, they can get a life sentence, that means, spending the rest of their lives in prison, in the case of murder, for example. So now, let’s revise all the vocabulary we have seen: When it comes to crimes, we have: shoplifting, hacking, theft, armed robbery, murder, kidnapping, vandalism and burglary Then, we have the criminals: shoplifter, hacker, thief, armed robber, murderer, kidnapper, vandal and burglar And finally, we have seen some possible punishments for the crimes the criminals can go to prison, do community service, pay a fine or get a life sentence. So that was it!! I hope you have enjoy the video and that all the vocabulary is clear for you See you!

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