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-What's happening, guys? You guys wanna see a burn-out? Well, your dad's a burn-out. No, but this car also does this awesome burn-out. [engine revving, tires skidding] Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. It gets better. [tires skidding, onlookers cheering] Great scott, Marty! Come on, 100,000 views in four days, that was pretty bad ass, come on. Even if that dude's car is clearly straight out of a '90s gangsta rap video. -What up, Ice Cube? -I mean the way those flames were coming off those tires, I was halfway expecting Ghost Rider to step out of that car. -It's a ghost ball. -Unless he was played by Nicholas Cage, 'cause I f--kin' hated that movie. Anyhoo, I could've sworn MythBusters busted something like this. I mean you can't just spin tires on the street and make fire like that. My guess is they put some sort of flammable liquid on 'em to make 'em ignite. But even if they did, it's still an impressive video, which I think they were going for. And besides, those flaming tire tracks remind me of Back to the Future. Except, you know, the delorean's a lowrider and Marty's a Mexican. And they're not going back to the future. They're going back to Home Depot. [jeering] What? To buy lumber? What do you think I meant? Okay, this next video, I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty fuckin' awful. I mean, when you first watch it, you're gonna feel bad for laughing, which you should, because, let's face it, you're kind of evil. Now unfortunately, this video is sort of accidentally violent. But luckily, no one was seriously hurt. So this dad over here is playing Xbox Kinect right, while his cute little kids are over here watching him. And let's just say that things take an unfortunate turn. Oh! So did he beat the game? Although this was a terrible thing to catch on video, it was clearly an honest accident. But yeah, she got the hell slapped out of her didn't she? -Hey Dad, can I watch SpongeBob? -Sponge Bobble! -Ah! See, you laughed at that. You're evil, I told you. Now it looks like the dad was actually the one who posted this video, and he wrote, in the description that the daughter is fine she doesn't even have any bruises. Which is, you know, great news. I know, calm down. Now this video was interesting enough to get 300,000 views in four days and we're all glad to hear that it was just an accident and she wasn't seriously hurt. Even though that shit looked like it hurt. I mean, come on, it's not like the dad was over there beating on her like, "Oh Lord, dear, good God sir, stop it. Oh, the humanity." Oh, come on, he wasn't beating her, I was editing, give me a break. Now this last video was a bit unexpected. It's actually a clip of what I believe is a Bollywood film. It's an action movie and supposedly this is India's most expensive movie to date and, as you can see, it's pretty epic and totally realistic and it totally doesn't break the laws of physics at all. Now the clips from this movie got over 800,000 views in three days and it's the move over-the-top s--t I've ever seen in my life. I guess this dude here is supposed to be, like, the Indian Terminator. Oh, it gets more ridiculous than that. There's this one part where I guess he like clones himself 100 times and he turns into this weird Buckyball. [gunshots] How could anything be the most amazing thing and the most terrible thing you've seen in your life? How could something be both? Well, this movie clearly is. Funny thing is though, they didn't use any CGI. Those are all leftover stunt doubles from Slumdog Millionaire. I'm kidding, but it's a Bollywood movie, I'm still waiting for all those armed guards to break out into corny song and dance. Tally ho! Come on, India, you can't just put a bunch of Indians together in the form of a f--king Buckyball or like in the form of a giant tentacle monster like they did here. Come on, man. You can't put that many Indians together unless there's some for of arranged marriage involved. No, but seriously, correct me if I have my history wrong, but I believe that coming together in the form in a giant snake is how Gandhi defeated the British. Come on, I kid the Indians. But seriously, I think that movie gave me AIDS. Now the clip is like 9 minutes long. I encourage you to watch the whole thing, 'cause it's hilarious. I mean, the dude with the skunk stripe is clearly some sort of Indian sex symbol. All the Indian girls wanna f--k him. He must be like the Indian equivalent of... I don't know, who's a sex symbol in the United States? Danny Glover. But luckily, whoever edited the clip together cut out all the corny-ass singing and dancing scenes. I mean, I'm not Indian, but I've seen a couple of Bollywood movies with those song and dance scenes and, trust me, I'd much rather be playing Kinect with this dude. "Oh Lord, please stop it, oh Jesus, that is not very nice of you." Oh come on, he is not beating her. Calm down, it's just a joke. But you know what will always give you a good beating? Oh, wait, wait, before that, I actually launched a new cartoon channel yesterday. Bam, where's it at? Bam! Right there. So yeah, that cartoon nerd with that glasses, that's supposed to be me. The video's doing great, the song actually made it to #2 on the iTunes chart, so thank you guys very much and because it's doing very well, I'm gonna have to do a whole bunch more of them, so keep your eyes open for those. Meanwhile if you haven't seen it and you want to see a cartoon midget running around, singing about his balls, you can check it out here, bam, where's it at, here, bam. But you know what else you can check out? The comment question of the day, which comes from a user named, bam again, and he said... -Ray, my comment question of the day is how would you prepare for the zombie apocalypse? -I actually think we've had this one before, but we'll do it again. What would you do to prepare for the zombie apocalypse? Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comments section below. Or on Facebook or Twitter. But thanks for watching today's episode of =3. I'm Ray William Johnson and I approve this message. So tell me guys, what's the funniest name you've heard in your life? [My Balls playing] Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Posted by: spongesebastian on Jan 30, 2011

Equals Three with RayWilliamJohnson.

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