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TROM: 2B-P - Ideas and Situations - Family and Love (2.0)

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Here's an idea that is regarded as a normal one among human beings. The family represents a horde, the gathering of some animals after a genetic sequence. For most animal groups this is the result of struggling for survival or the animal need for mating. For humans those reasons are long past and the family is formed by the current culture. Thus normality is found in a family with two parents plus children, many parents plus children, or just the two potential parents without children. Culture has changed the idea of family, and family is just an idea. In such a group; parents are those who raise their children and take part in their education. Parents should have a good understanding of psychology, environmental influence on human behaviour and some general knowledge about the importance of genes. Without this knowledge, education of children is risky, random and 'personal', based solely on the ideas of some individuals. For most people the family is a goal and children an fulfilment, all rendered by culture. This creates certain problems. For example the issue of children. Whether you are a parent or not you ever wonder why you want to have a baby? What's the point? Because you need to? Because it is gentle? Because you want to play with him? For personal fulfilment? Most parents relive childhood moments through their children or want children to represent the success that they have not acquired. A kind of trophy. I'm not saying it's wrong, but you have to ask yourself why do you want to have a baby? So women have given a particular role in this culture Now comes the next problem: overcrowding due to culture. It is extremely dangerous because this system is perpetuating the idea that family is the goal of every man's life, and children are part of this idea. For example, the catholic church and a lot of other religions God will take care of everyone. I enjoy working there, but there're other things I wanna do! Like what? Well... Eventually, I like to get married and have kids. I said "eventually" ........ [ Alternative Solutions ] A human being must distinguish between imagination (marriage) and reality (physical attraction, sex, admiration for other people). When you know our reality, you will make decisions accordingly, you will not unconsciously comply with the culture in which you were born. At most you will accept cultural situations as some rituals, but remain aware of reality. The monetary system maintains this culture by promoting the idea of family, even worse they’ve created big business from this: Holidays, specific objects for the family, houses and cars, all these things are designed with the family in mind, they are just consumption for the monetary system. It's very strange how human beings who comply with the culture, in this case through marriage then family, miss out on millions of opportunities to meet other people because they restrict themselves. We are so many, but we know so little.

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Nov 5, 2011

Description : TROM represents the biggest documentary ever created, but, also the only one that tries to analyse everything : from science to monetary system and real solutions to improve everyone's life. A new and real way to look about the world. " Before the Big-Bang, till present, and beyond."

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