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-First of all, who would be against peace? I am not against peace. -Of course not. But as far as I am concerned, Israel will continue to be a black, dark, and murky spot These are the hats of the people we beat up. This hat comes from...a Rasta. This is a hat wogs from the Caucasus wear. Muslims wear these hats, pray and do their weird stuff. "Allah Akbar" and all their daily prayers. This is not paradise. There's still a lot of work to do. This house is still Arab. It will become more and more Jewish. We will not allow the Mexican invaders to close down the streets in our cities, not like they did in Chicago. Try it here, Mexicans because we are here and we stand and we will defy you with our army! I say if they don't get out of town-- we kill the men, we kill the women we kill the children we kill the babies, we kill the blind-- --I say, God damn it, we kill them all! I'm not closing the door. -Sit here, in the cage. Get the camera out of here. Whore. Whore... -You are! Whore... -You are! Go away! -Whore. You're a whore, your daughters, too. Don't you dare open this door! Don't you dare come here! They call us Nazis and Fascists but we're really racists. Racism is love of one's race. Nothing more, nothing less. We've suckled it with the milk of our mothers. There is no playing around with this, it's in our genes, and we will pass this down for many more generations. It is very hard to change those kinds of attitudes. And the reality is we don't even have the access to them. What is the access that people who want to educate towards peace and tolerance and love and reconciliation? Before the genocide happened, I knew my tribe, Tutsi-- --I come from the tribe Tutsi-- we were not liked. We have heard from the radio how one day they will kill us especially this radio that was called "hate radio"--RTLM. But it was not something you thought they can ever do it. "The cockroach's cruelty is irreversible. The only remedy is total extermination." "Kill them all. Totally wipe them out..." In the movement, I know that I've definitely been in over 300 acts of violence. I kidnapped a guy out of the Chicago area. We beat this guy severely for hours. He came up like he wanted to fight me, and my friends were standing right behind him we jumped him and knocked him out cold and smashed his face on a curb. It just felt so good. Every punch, every kick. And there are millions of people like this that we're not reaching and that are going to take action based on that kind of hatred. Why do people kill each other? Poverty, lack of education, impunity. -You want to still fight? Yes. You want to still kill people? Yes. So you're saying to me you want revenge. Yes. You've got to have peace before justice. You've got to stop the continuation, the multiplication of incidents that can get you going again. I think it's impossible to have such a dialogue if there is not the recognition that something has happened and it was wrong. I am also a killer like others... I ask for forgiveness from the Republic of Rwanda. And from all Rwandans... I would like to come back and live peacefully with them. Justice frequently says, "We give up on you." It says, "Once a murderer, always a murderer." And that's not true. Justice is indispensable, but at the same time, it has been so unfairly distributed around the world and over time. At the end I said, "All you members of the Hague Tribunal can just suck my dick. And you can go on hampering my defence and then ultimately you will have to eat all the shit that you've excreted. Fuck you all." Can you tell me, please, what that phrase "No corpse, no crime" means. in effect, that they are removing the corpses of their victims and removing thte victims or bodies of any anti-terrorist actions. They are placing them in graves that look like mass graves If the meeting was at his office, he is of course present, The president here is this accused. I can accept that. You can or cannot accept? I can. Reconciliation without justice doesn't work. If there is no accountability, there is no place where the society as a society says this was wrong, then there's no way to move forward. What happened was, the people who've been in our sights for the last 20, 25 years, we selectively killed those people. How do you feel, killing Muslims? I enjoy it. I killed one, came home and slept. -Women and children? -Yes, everyone. Kill, chop and burn them. When he was arrested several months after the massacre, it was Narendra Modi who got him out of jail by changing the judges. The first judge who came said "Bajrangi should be hanged not once, but four or five times." He threw away the file. The next judge said the same, that I should be hanged. The third judge didn't even look at the file. He just said, "Let him go." Many people hoped that with all the evidence there would be a backlash against Modi at the ballot box, but they were wrong. Modi was soon sworn in for his third consecutive term as Chief Minister. Even 5 years after the Gujarat killings of 2002 the ghost of Gujarat still haunts you. Why can't you say that you regret the killings that happened? What I have to say I said at that time and you can find out my statements. But by not letting people hear the message repeatedly you're allowing an image that is contrary to the interest of Gujarat to continue. It's in your hands to change it. I came here.. I went to the prison. I met somebody who had killed my family--my mom and my brother. He came in the room and he almost just, like, got up from the ground. And his hair was upside and down. He had food in his hair. His foot was swollen. You could feel he was sick. I just broke down and cried. And he came around and he sat in a chair. And I remember I said to him, "Look, I forgive you." "I forgive you." "I just wish you can see what you have done and be able to regret it." I am in downtown St. Louis and I run into this guy. -Just on a street corner. Just standing there at a bar/restaurant. And I went up to him and I said, "Hey, is your name Josh?" And he kind of looked at me, and I looked different from back then, obviously. I didn't have the big swastika anymore. I said, "Is your name Josh?" And he said, "Yeah." I said, "Have you ever been kidnapped?" And he just looked at me and knew right away it was me. And I just said, "I'm so sorry for what I've done." "If there's any way I can make it better, whatever I can do, let me know." And he just said, "No," and we sat there for 6 hours. We talked about life, just what he had going on in life, what I had going on in life, some of the old characters that we knew and we just talked. So when he said he forgave me, it was a huge deal. I just felt like I was walking on a cloud. Forgiving someone is saying, "I'm giving you the chance to make a new beginning." The biggest example we know we live with and that's France and Germany who knew that the other was the cause of their misery and finally said to each other, "We can't go on like this," and did one great other thing that has to be done in cases of reconciliation like this-- they devised a common project. They looked for something to do together and that was building Europe. And the notion of war between any major European country is unimaginable. That gives hope that peoples can come together. It's hard to see it at the height of the hostilities but history shows that it is possible. Restorative justice is saying, "I do not give up on you as a perpetrator, as a criminal." Korean Summit - Welcoming ceremony for South Korean President Roh This is a turnout for the books. We were not expecting Kim Jong Il to attend this. He was expected to make a meeting with President Roh tomorrow. And there is the historic moment about to take place, but an act of friendship, of conciliation a step towards peace. You cannot tell people why they are supposed to reconcile you cannot tell people their own story. North Korea is calling off reunions between the families in the South with their relatives who were captured by North Korea's military. Some families have been separated since the Korean War in the 1950s. South Korea says it is regretful that the North is taking this step. I wanted to see them once more before I died. Why do they keep us apart? It must be something that is owned by the people of the particular country to which you want to apply it. Canada, 2008 Justice Harry LaForme, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Your pain, your courage, your perseverance and your profound commitment to truth made this commission a reality. Phil Fontaine, National Chief, Assembly of First Nations I have no doubt he will leave no stone unturned in his investigation of exactly what happened in residential schools-- the harms caused, why and how it happened, and where the responsibilities lie. I have experienced hatred in my heart. There was a time I wanted to hurt people who were killing us. There was a time I wanted to take revenge. But I remembered the pain that hatred brought to my heart and I remember the time that changed in my heart and I felt love for these people. FREED HOSTAGE SPEAKS - Ingrid Betancourt rescued last week after 6+ years as captive in Colombian jungle. I think that the answer for peace is to be able to talk, even to the enemy. For me, you see, it is very difficult because when I say the enemy I cannot forget that they are Colombians and in a way, we are part of the same family. I've got to say my change didn't take one day. It was a higher power, and it was in my life consistently kept proving my beliefs wrong to me. Some of the most outstanding leaders of the Christian church had a very murky past. Peter, who become the leader of the apostles, the chief of the apostles denied Jesus Christ 3 times. I lost 95 of my whole family. If I can forgive, I truly believe that anyone can forgive. And there is such a freedom in forgiving and reconciling with somebody. We killed innocent people. We killed our brothers, our sisters. But what we can do is to express ourselves, to sing a song that will be telling us how Liberia, in fact, went through a time of war. It will help us to forget these things that can leave our minds, that these things will not always trouble us. [♪singing♪] You don't give up on anyone. RECONCILIATION

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A short video about Reconciliation.

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