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Introducing google clould

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Google cloud connect for Microsoft office is a free plugin that lets you share... and simultaneously added word, power point and excel files with other people. With cloud connect, you can sync your microsoft office files to the google cloud... without ever leaving office. Once sent, files are continously backed up. Giving an unique web address. So other you share with... can access you files from anywhere, even mobile divices. Google Cloud connect makes it easier to take advantage of google apps. All you need is a free plugin and account. Lets say Bob is adding a PowerPoint presentation and wants input from his team. With cloud connect, changes he makes are sent automatically to the cloud. making them easier to share than ever. When Bob shares the files with Kim. Kim gets a link in her email. Download the documents from the cloud. and start adding in microsoft office, just as she normally would. Both, Bob and Kim, can now work on the projects files at the same time. Kim can add a chart to the sheet budget spreadsheet. While Bob update the underline data. Everything works the same. Weather they using Word, power point or excel. Coediting even works when Kim is offline. like on airplane. Cloud connect will sync addings the next time she connects to the web. Overlapping addings are no problem. If Bob and Kim both added the same section at the same time. Its easy to choose whose addings to keep. Cloud connects saves Bob and Kim the hassle of sending attachments back and forth. Reconciling each other addings and keeping track of which file is the current version. And if you want to let other people access but no editing a file. You can always share a reading-only link to the online documents and google docs. Google cloud connects stores revisions of a file, so you can easily roll back... to a previous version. You gain all the benefits of the cloud without learning anything new or upgrading existing software. Is available now from microsoft office 2003,2007,2010. Download Google cloud conncect from microsoft office today.

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Posted by: tarou on Nov 1, 2011

cloud for google and microsoft

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