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2017 - MyTupperware Custom Performance Report

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Okay, this is really cool guys. So, it's going to be available August 29th, in the evening is when we're going to actually roll it out so, let's call it - August 30th, right, - August 30th, yep… …because we're all going to be sleeping, and it's very similar in functionality to the Contact List and the Downline Progress Report that are already in My.Tupperware. So, if you have a paid site and you have been out there and you've been playing with it, this is going to work very similar. But, the word 'Custom' in the name actually means Custom. So, you can actually pull this report, I don't know, that's kind of, IT terms right? You can get information based on whatever time period, whatever sales dollars, whatever recruiting levels that you want, because it's Custom. So, the cool thing about it is because it's Custom and it's something that's been added that we never had before, is we can do it, you all can do it for just a day, right. - For just a day… - So, if you're doing like a challenge for everybody to do, you know, submit sales on a Wednesday, you can customize that and see from just that one day and we've never been able to do that before, ever. So, that is a happy, so, as you all can see you can search by week, you can search by month, but now you can actually drill it down by day or days. So, if you wanted to do a two day challenge, right, or you just wanted to see who submitted sales at the beginning of Magic Weeks for Saturday and Sunday. You could just customize it for just those two days. - Right… - So, it's a happy… - Okay, It's a happy… - It's definitely a happy we're going to have some new information on this Cheryl we're going to have recruiter name for each person available, as one of the columns, and also the My.Tupperware subscription level, so you can see who in your unit, in your team or in your company, has a paid site and doesn't have a paid site. Now, and this is found - in your My.Tupperware, not in your My Sales… - Right? - Right, - exactly… So, the profile guides is in your My Sales. Everything that Anne and I are talking about now - is in your My.Tupperware, okay… - My.Tupperware, right… …and you do need a paid My.Tupperware site - to access these reports, right… - Right, - so… - And it's in that pink menu across the top, you click Reports and it'll be right there - in that drop-down… - So, easy-peasy… - Easy-peasy… - Okay, so, shall we go? - Let's go. - Let's go. Okay, so, we can choose what we want to see and then how we want to see it. So, let's talk about what we want to see. When you first click on that Custom Report, it's going to look like this, with these fields, because they're the default fields and all. I'll zoom in on that just a little bit so you guys can see it better, but you'll see here it has the Consultant ID, the First and Last Name, Personal Sales, Personal Recruits and then their My.Tupperware subscription level. And so, those are default and if you like those and that's what you want to see, then you're good. - You're good… - You get to go there, right. - But, if you don't want to see all of that… - But, if you don't, you want to remove some columns and you want to add some, then there's a 'Add/Remove Columns' button at the top. Just click on that and you get this little screen. And it's really cool because if it's dark Grey, that means you've selected it, if it's light Grey, that means it won't be on the report. - Okay? - Okay… - And we… - Now, can I just interject something right here before I forget? - Yes. - Okay, but there is one column on this report that you cannot remove. - There is one column… - Right, Anna? - Yes. - There is one that will stay there forever and ever and a day, So, don't even try y'all. - Okay, and that is the… - The Consultant ID and you notice that it's pink, right, if we go back to that report, you'll see its pink, on the left. It's a link and that's how you drill down on the Downline Progress Report today and you can do it from here as well, and that's how you see their Contact information, - their details and their Progress Report even, right. - Right. So that always stays there… Always stays there very important - to have that for coaching. - Okay… So, when you've chosen the fields that you want, when everything that you want to see is dark grey, you hit 'Run Report', - that's in the bottom right hand corner. - Run report, - okay… - And so, I've just listed out here the names - of the Columns that you can choose, right. - Yup… - So… - And there's a lot… - can I mean, - I don't know if you all can see it - and we won't name off every one of them… - Yeah, if you added the mall, it'd be an awfully big listing on your page. - So… - Yeah, so, and this is where, you know guys, that this is why we call it a Custom because, you might not necessarily… If you're just looking at the Personal Sales, is all you want to see is Personal Sales, then that would be what you'd highlight, so it comes up in dark grey. The name, right first and last name. Remember the Consultant ID always stays there, so you would just highlight your first and last name and Sales, Personal Sales and then hit 'Run Report' - and that's all you're going to see, right. - Yup… that'll turn everything else off… Right, turns it off, so, which is so nice. I love that, thank you. Okay, thank you. So, now you hit Run Report, zoop and there it is, okay. And then you can run that report and you can filter it by either highest in sales down to the lowest or you can start - the other way if you want. - Every single one of those columns, you can click it and it'll order it - from lowest to highest… - Just like it… Click it again and it goes the other way… Just like it does on the My Sales… - Yes… - Yup, so yay. Okay, so… So that's how or it's what to see - now let's see how to see it, right… - How to see it… Because this is where the custom part really is cool… - Okay. - So, we're looking back at that report again and up at the top, there's another button called 'Advanced Filter Options', right, and when we click on that, it opens up it looks, it looks like a lot Cheryl, it opens up a big, long piece on the top of the page. But, what we've done is, because there's so much, we broke this all down into groups, with a little blue title at the top, so it will make it a little easier for you, and we're just going to go through - each one of those today. - Yep. We're going to go. Are you ready? Yes. So, Downline when you're looking at the Downline and you choose who you want to see, it's going to depend on what level you're at, right. So, if I'm a Consultant, then I'm going to see my potential unit, Cheryl. Right, my potential unit only… - Right… - If I'm a Manager, - I'm going to… so… Am I jumping too fast? - No, - go for it… - you're good… so you can see this guide whether you're a Consultant, all the way up, right? - Right… - We're going to walk you through it. So, if you're a consultant, and I recruited Nora and I recruited Anna, right, so I'm not a Manager yet, I'm still a Consultant, right, but it's going to show me my 'Potential Unit', - my personal recruits, right. - Right… …until I get Manager title, right. - Exactly. And then, once I get Manager title… then I can choose between seeing my unit… …and my dream team. Which your unit then would be, your three levels, okay, you're three levels deep, and then your dream team would be everybody that's under that three levels – level four, five, six how far deep you go down, right? So, I can see that guys. So, once again you can see how big is your dream team growing, which is why you need to be a Director. Okay, so it's really cool. It is cool. If you're an Org Leader, then you're going to be able to stack up… - Yes. - Director, you're going see everybody on your Director team. And, it says Unit/Team, which means Manager and Director – you're seeing your Manager, - your three levels, right? - Yup… And then your dream team, you have to click that. If you're a Director, you'll see everybody on your Director Personal Team, right? I'm an Org Leader Anna… - Yes… - Okay, so what do I see? So, you're going to see Personal Organization and your All Levels Organization. - Okay… - And you were going to tell us… - Yeah, I'm just going to explain a little bit. - A little bit about that… - So, and tell you guys how we talk in the field, okay? - Right… So, your Personal Organization… Guys, that's your compensated, right. That is your compensated levels… If you click on 'All Levels', so, let's just pretend that I'm a Star Director and Nora is a Star Director, okay, Anna is a Start Director, okay, and I click on 'All Levels', I'm going to see all of that, okay, because we all share the same title. Even though I'm only compensated on Nora, okay, I'm going to see all of those levels, okay, because we all share the same title. If I happen to go into bypass, I'm going to see what is my level, right, because in bypass, you're bypassed on everything, okay. But, if I'm a 1 Star, Nora is a One Star and Anna's a 1 Star, I'm compensated on Nora, but, I get to count Anna sales, for my Elite, for my trip and for my car. So, we want you to be able to see all of those levels. So, your Personal is what you're compensated on. All Levels is everything that counts for any of their car, elite title, your trips, and tell you where to go into bypass. Once you – if you're in bypass, you will not see it. But then once you go back to same title or one title higher, then all of that will come back up again, - and you'll be able to see it again. Okay? - You got it. So, alrighty… Alright, and then of course your Business Leaders, they're going to see their company. Now Cheryl, you see this screen, - it actually says All Levels Organization… - Yeah, it's changing that to Company… We're actually working on this, this is one of several things we're tweaking, alright, and we'll show you some more later, - but this will say 'Company'. - Yeah, so, Business Leaders, if you're on, everything that pertains to your entire company, will say Company. - Yes. - Okay. - Alrighty. - Alright so, let's move on to the next section, which is Account Info. - Yes. This is pretty cool. - And so this means I want to look for… I only want to see information on maybe a certain title level or on a certain account My.Tupperware subscription, right. So, this is really cool. So, you click on that little drop-down and it shows you all the different levels, right. You can say in the top you can say 'Equals', you can say 'Between' which is going to give you two fields. You can say 'Greater than" or Equals'. So let's say you wanted to see - all of your Managers… - Can we use my example? - Yes, use your example. - I'm going to use my example… So, I still write it out so, I asked… I said okay… So, I'm a Business Leader… - Yes… - Okay, or maybe an Org Leader or whatever and I want to see everybody from Manager all the way up to Director, right. And I want to see what they had, in either sales or recruiting, whether it's for one day, two days, whatever, the week, whatever guys, the month – you could pick, right. So but, I want to see from Manager, all the way up to Director in my organization - or in my company, right. - Right. So, I would put Manager to the left, and then I would put Director to the right, - okay… - And after you choose 'Between'… Then you hit the 'Between' and then the report is going to run and it's going to pick up your Managers, your Star Managers, your Executive Managers and your Directors. Woohoo… That's a happy… We've never been able to do that never, never, never. Never… Yay… This is so awesome, right… So, its awesome guys… So, you can – that's why we call it Custom… - Yes… - So, this right here, now, once again, I'm just going to reiterate because this is so great you must have a paid site to have access, so there's one more reason why, y'all, if you're watching us today, and you don't have at least a Plus site, you want to go in and you want to sign up - for at least a Plus site, right? - Right, definitely… Because, that's where you get - all of these extra benefits. - Yes. Okay, so… And Cheryl, your example, it kind of works for My.Tupperware subscriptions as well and there's some fields there that shouldn't be there, but, we're tweaking those. But, basically, you could say, "Show me everyone who's paid and above…" - Right… - "Or show me everyone who's Silver or Platinum…" - So, I know they have parted Plus… - Right… - You can go through and see all of that… - So, which is so awesome… - Right? - Thank you… So, awesome. Okay, let's move to sales period - because this is the one we're really… - This is my happy; - can you see all my notes? - Really excited… We are super excited about this. So, we are looking at the sales period ah, there it goes. So, there's a lot of different things that you can choose in this drop-down and the first few of these, they are pre-defined. - Right… - Right, so they're Today, Yesterday, Current Week, Previous Week, right, these are all predefined, and so if you choose those, the section over on the right is going to stay blank, because there's nothing for you to say. If you say last week, that's all there is to it, right. Right, and it automatically knows our week. Yes, it automatically knows our week… So, it'll be Saturday through Monday, right? - It automatically knows… - Saturday through Friday yup… - Oh Friday, sorry, what did I say, Monday? - Monday… Oh my stars and garters. Okay, Saturday through midnight, - your local time, right… - On Friday… On Friday. If you're doing month, and those are Sales months… - Yes… - So it's all preset to our Tupperware terminology and what our sales weeks and what our month is, right? - You got it… - So, perfecto. - Okay… - So, if you choose one of these drop-downs that says – that starts with 'Custom By', so whether it's Custom by week or Custom by day or Custom by year, then more field, you see them circled here on the screen, appear and that's where you would type it in. So, if I chose custom by week, then I would choose… Let's say between week number this and Week number this… So, let me just give you an example. - Yes… - I offered to Anna. So, if I wanted to go back and I wanted to look at May, right, and the first week of May was our National Party Week, right, and I wanted to run a custom report to see everybody who submitted sales, right, during National Party Week, whether it was a dollar or if I wanted to start it at a 100, whatever you want to do, you get to do that. - That's right… - But I can run it for that one week, even though it was back in May, I can go back. So, I can see this is how many people I had in my company, in my Org, in my personal team, in my unit, my three levels, how many people I had active during National Party Week. So, now you got record breaker coming up, right. So let's say, your business leader and you had a 100 active that first week and you want to double it, right, because you've had such amazing recruiting, you'll know we had a 100 people active that week with whatever dollar amount you put in for your activity, and that way you'll know who sold, what they sold, right, and how many people you had active that week. So, you can go back and look at that and there's different time frames based on whether it's day, week or month… Yeah, and we'll show you that in a minute. I want to show you real quick what it looks like if you choose Custom by day, because that's the one we're really excited about, right? So if, you choose Custom by day… - Sorry I was jumping… - Yeah, so over on the right, that's where you get to put the day that you want, the actual day, so, like if you wanted to do just Saturday and Sunday, like you said earlier, - that's where you put it, really, really cool. - Right, so you would put August 6th to August 6th, - so it would pick up that 24 hour time frame, right? - You got it… So, perfect, and this – oh I asked – okay, I have to say this – because I'm like, okay Anna, if this is real time? This is, within 5 minutes, - yeah, 5-10 minutes, yeah… - Within 5 minutes guys, it's real time, yay… - Isn't that cool? - That's another happy… Yes, okay… So, Cheryl, reports and anyone who's worked at a big company, knows that when you hit a button to run a report, it can take a short amount of time or a long amount of time, depending on what you choose and how much information how far back you're going, - right? - Right… So, we do have some things, some settings that talk about how far back you can go. - Right… - Alright so, if you're going by day, - you can go back 30 days… - 30 days, okay… By week, you can go back 13 months or 57 weeks… - 57 weeks, right… - So a little over a year and by month you can go back 18 months… - Yeah, so a year and a half… - Right… - That's a happy… - That's a long time, - so… - So, love it… Alright, so the next thing that you can change is the sales amount, right. You were talking about this, so if you just wanted to see anyone who sold anything, you could say - 'Greater than' or 'Equals to' $1, for example. - Right… Or, if you wanted to say between a certain a dollar amount, then this is where you put it in and again, this is one of those screen, Cheryl, where we're going to tweak it, because we're going to make sure it knows who you are. So, you would need to see unit team sales or maybe you would need to see organization sales or company sales, right. So, it shows them all four on this screen shot, but we will be tweaking that. Right, so, if I'm the manager, I can see personal and unit, right? If I'm a Director, I can see personal and team… - Yep… - If I'm an Org, I can see my personal, I can then see my personal team, my personal director team, - and I can see my Organization… - Right… And if I'm a Business Leader, - I can see my personal, right? - Right… And then I can also see all my companies and you got our personal team. Okay, perfecto… - And it's the same for recruits… - Yay… - Right? - Yay… You want to see anyone who had three or more recruits, it's really cool… So, right, just think about this guys, - the TNT challenge that we just had, - Yes… So, everybody who had recruits during our TNT challenge, you'll be able to customize this once we open this up, right, and you would be able to see everybody, without having to go in and hack through everything. You just run that custom report, - boom, everybody shows up. - Right… So, yay, love it… So, something else we talked about this before with the other reports. But, I want to make sure everyone remembers Cheryl, because you can actually save, you know we've talked about these filters and what the columns that you want to see right, what information do I want to see and for who do I want to see it… for whom. You can save those settings… - Okay… - So, let's say if you always run a weekly challenge for the previous week, then you could go in and tell it what columns you want, choose previous week and choose the sales requirements and then you can actually save those settings, so that you can come back every week - and just click the link for that report… - That says Run Report… - Exactly, - And it'll run it just how you want it every week. So, now, remember guys, You're saving – I even wrote it down… you're saving the information, right, - the settings, but you're not saving what the sale… - The results… The results of that report… so, you're saving the settings so, if you want to save that report, those sales or those recruits or whatever, then you could either export it - into an excel file or whatever… - You could print it, excel file, whatever you want to do… You can save it that way but here all you're doing is saving the settings. So, you don't have to go in and change it. You can save it, then just once a week go in and just hit Run Report. So, at your sales meeting, your team meeting, whatever, and you want to do previous week recognition, - you just hit Run Report and it's already done for you. - Right… - Okay… - And, just so you know, we'll come back to this, when you're in My.Tupperware and you click on that Reports menu, the very first thing that you can choose is Reports and that brings up this screen and this is where all of your saved reports go, right here in the middle, and I'll bring this up again, when we go through this example. Because we will go in and we're actually going to go through a little bit more in depth - into this later…right Anna? - Yes, we're actually going to do some example trainings on all of the different reports in September. So, you definitely make sure - you join us for that… - Absolutely… Right. So, saving a report… If I wanted to save the settings, after I put in all my filters, and after I choose the columns I want, then next to the Run Report button, there's a light grey button that says, Save Report, right. So, if you click that, it pops up this little pop-up guy, you give it a name, you have to give it a name… - Yeah, give it a name… - Right, you can give it a description, so that it can help you remember what it's for, right, and then you say Save Report and that's when it's going to save it for you, on that page that we showed you earlier. - This guy right here… - Right, and then I said to Anna, “So, now I saved it, but I still want to see my Run Report, what do I do?” So, you go right here to this page, remember where we went to the Reports drop-down, we clicked reports. You go to the titles, the Report Title that you want to run and you just click the title. And then it'll automatically run that report for me? - It'll run that report for you… - Okay, pretty… - pretty easy huh! - Pretty easy, right? It is… So, we're at the end of the reports, - let's wrap this up… - Okay, wow… So, we talked about this, we're going to do a more in depth training and that's going to be in September, we'll let you know the dates. We're going to try to keep doing at least two Tupper Tech Talks each month… - Each month… - Right, and maybe even more frequently because we have so much going on right now and I just wanted to say, you said this earlier, don't be afraid – If you have a Plus site already, you've got a Contact List Report, you've got a Downline Progress Report, there's a Recruit report there, - go out and play with them. - Yeah, can't mess it up… No, you can't break it. - Play with the columns… - Yeah… and the filters, those sorts of things, and just get really familiar, so that once we have this Custom Report out there, - you can just dive right in. - Right, and you'll understand it. - So, I know we might have some questions, right. - Yes… We have a slide that says “Questions”. - Yes, we do… - Okay, so take it away girlfriend… I just wanted to ask, "Do my consultants have to have a Plus account to see their information?" So, that's a good question. If I just want to see my personal information, we have some little 'Widgets' we call them, that are little reports, little baby reports, that are available to everyone, - whether they have a paid site or not. - Right… So, if I'm a consultant and I go to My.Tupperware, I can actually go to the reports, that page will have some widgets on it with my business snapshot and a few small reports that I can see and of course, my Progress Report to show me - how close I am to the next level. - To my next level. - Yes… - Those are all available for the basic account… Yeah, that's a part of the free account… But, in order to see more information, let's say they have a potential team because they have recruits, they would need to have a paid account to see that. Yeah, so they can see personal but that's it… Yes… Okay… And I have a question; "Does this replace the sales reports in My Sales, weekly, monthly reports or custom weekly reports?" So, we're not removing any of those reports from My Sales, right, those are going to stay there for now. This is something new and we want you guys to jump out and try it out. If, you know, a lot of us like the same things that we do all the time, and if it's giving you what you need… - I'm not going to tell you to stop using it. - Right. But remember, in your My Sales ones, you can't customize with like the daily, - if you just wanted, and the date range… - Right… Right, you can do for the week, right, and things like that. And I can do, I can span multiple months, right. But, this one is where you can customize it, especially for the day, right, and actually, and you can also customize it if you just want to see Managers, right up through Directors or however you… or maybe just all of your new Consultants, right, that are new. So, this is where you want to go to customize it. You can only do a little bit of customization in your My Sales Custom Reports. - You got it… - Which is why I'm so excited about this because I never had any of this when I was a Business Leader. So, yeah, this is a happy y'all. - Very happy… - Okay… - Anymore? Is that it? - That's all? - Well, you guys are amazing… - You are amazing… And, you know what Anna, you're amazing, your team's amazing, Brooke, Rick, Jagadish, I was going to call him Jeremiah… So… - Jermaine… - Jermaine, I mean everybody who has worked on this has been, you know, and I just come and give it the feel, like 'what about this', 'what about that', right guys. But they're the ones who do all of the hard work. - They worked really hard yeah… - So, thank you…

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2017 - MyTupperware Custom Performance Report

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