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Como tiene que estar tu cuello

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In a normal spine here is a smooth forward curve and the disc spaces between the vertebrae are thick and equally form from the front to the back The intervertebral foramina is open allowing spine nerve to exit the spinal cord without interferences immediatley following the onset of formation of the vertebral subluxation complex a degenerative process begin this is called SUBLUXATION DEGENERATION. which get progressively worse: Initially the spine enters Phase 1 in this only phase the disc spaces arent significantly damaged And in most caeses with appropriate Chiropractic care most will return to NORMAL If negelcted it will progress to Phase 2 In Phase 2 will see misalignement and disfonction of the spine plus recognizable soft tissue degeration Notice the narrowing of the disc space and then some calcium build up With appropriate chiropractic care the spine can go back to near normal fonction. however the damage to the disc and the calcium deposition may be permanent if uncorrected the spine relentlessly progresses toward Phase 3 In Phase 3 spinal fusion begins, there is disc muscle and ligaments permanent damage and the nerve systeme is irreversibly damage Starting chiropracic care at this late stage can help this problem from getting worse And correct other areas of the spine not yet degenerated In some cases in which patient have survive decades of massive neurological damages and body malfonction. resulting from SUBLUXATION DEGENERATION Scientist have found that the spine continues to fuse Phase 4 the result is permanent body malfonction and neurological collapse

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Degeneracion de las subluxaciones

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