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MemoryCoin (MMC) - The future of Crypto-Currencies

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Video Details

Duration: 51 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: MemoryCoin Team
Director: MemoryCoin Team
Views: 211
Posted by: robonix on Mar 6, 2014

So you've heard about Bitcoin.
You love the idea of a decentralized digital currency.
Great! How about something even better?
Introducing, MemoryCoin (MMC).
What is MemoryCoin?
MemoryCoin is a CPU coin with a paid development team and a limited supply.
MemoryCoin is made on regular computers. There's no central control and it is widely distributed to ordinary people.
There's a paid team of developers, network and support staff, even promotional guys and gals like me!
Every week fewer and fewer MemoryCoins are made so existing coins will become more valuable.
MemoryCoin stays true to the original vision of Bitcoin. It is fair and open and everyone can take part.
Don't miss out on this opportunity,

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