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What Olympic legacy for East London's street art

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Welcome to London's East End, where this year's Olympic games meets one of the world's most creative communities head-on. This area, just a stone's throw from London's Olympic park, has long been a canvas to street artists, who have helped fuel a culture unlike anywhere in the city. And it's their work, which they believe, make it so unique. Huge masses of people come to East London say, one particular area, Shoreditch, is known for its street art, and if you, if you go to Shoreditch, particularly at the weekends, it's packed with people, and they're coming to see the street art, they're coming to the clubs, they're coming for the music, They're coming for the whole side of our culture that they enjoy. There is no doubt the Olympics will be a force for change in this area of London. Investment and rejuvenation will be part of its legacy. Many believe street art defines the streets we're on now. But in the years to come, and long after the games have finished, that could all change. The Olympics is helping to boost development here. In and around some of the city's most deprived communities. But the fear is that it will come at a cost of the area's very identity and appeal. You know, artists... street artists... or any kind of artists, they're always pioneers in new areas, and they often make an area what it is, so, as soon as the money rolls in, or in this case the Olympics roll into town, property prices start rising, artists get pushed away. Officials are already looking beyond the Games, encouraging a visible transformation through funding local community art projects like this. But far from feeling included in East London's latest evolution, many street artists believe this development pushed in the area will see their work fade from the brick walls and factory rooftops. Tom Duncan, BBC news.

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Posted by: totleigh on Jul 28, 2012

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