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Verti-Drive Test Stand Demo

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My name is Ron Flitton and I have been asked to do this video to show you the Verti-Drive System on this test stand . I guess to get started we have here the typical instrument panel, your pressures and temperatures, hour meter and tachometer . This system is the hydraulic system that I use to simulate the load of the main rotor on the helicopter. Here I can adjust the hydraulic resistance to add more torque when it is required and more load. Over here is the throttle of course, that adjusts the throttle of the engine to blend the two together to get the right power to load ratio. As we move up front, here you can see the hydraulic pump mounted above the primary drive. There are two reasons for this -- one to reduce the rpm to the hydraulic, pump and another to test this primary drive with the new system. Here is the cooling system . The radiator is down below here in this fiberglass shroud. Of course you can see the cooling fan; it is driven off the drive line off the bottom of the motor. Here is the intercooler because it is turbocharged. Now around the side -- on this side we have the oil reservoir the oil sump which has the pumps to pump the oil back into the reservoir, the charging system and the shaft which goes straight through to operate the pulleys for the cooling fan. So that is the basic run through on the VertiDrive system. I guess the next thing to do -- I will show you how it actually operates. Here we are at the controls. We will do a normal startup as if it was on an airframe. We'll first start the motor and get it up to temperature and then pull the throttle up to engage the centrifugal clutch. At that point we will simulate pulling up on the collective by winding in the hydraulics , which of course simulates the load of the rotor. So -here we go - On Now we have the temperatures, we will wind the engine up to 6000 RPM Verti-Drive 750 Engine, 2 Cylinders, Fuel Injected, Auto Fuel, 4 Cycle, Turbo charged, 115 HP, 130 lb. Liquid Cooling, Max RPM: 8000. Well, that's how the system works. Keep in mind that this is the prototype As soon as this video is done, the unit will be on the airframe to continue the program to make it lighter and more compact. I hope this video has helped and answered a few questions. Again, my name is Ron Flitton for Mosquito Corp. Thank you for watching .

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Posted by: voyageur on Oct 14, 2013

The Verti-Drive 750 TC is a powerful 2 cylinder 4 cycle engine that operates in the vertical axis.

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