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Naomi Zohar Astro Forecast - unedited

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Chodesh Tov everybody. My name is Naomi Zohar and I'm a Kabbalistic astrologer. I'm very excited about the new moon of Virgo. As a Capricorn, I'm excited about finally an earth month. Now, let's go back for one second and review what happened in the month of Leo. The month of Leo triggered everybody's differences depending on your personal chart. But, the one thing we all had in common first of all, after the 9th of Av, we felt the energy ran very, very fast, Mercury retrograde out of retrograde. There was so much action, so much activity, traveling, kids. Some of you felt better, some of you felt worse depending on which element you are. With earth signs it can be a little bit harder. If you were fire or air, you definitely felt that a lot more energy was given to you. One common aspect that we all share is we got a lot of Light of the Creator. We were the closest to our internal soul in our internal self, so we to got ideas, inspiration, things that we want to do, plans, but we didn't have time to manifest. Now, the 30th of August, we are entering a whole new phase, and the month of manifestation. And we're opening this month not with one planet in Virgo, not only two, but actually in five planets in Virgo, which is unbelievable. We have all the main planets, which is sun, moon,Mars, Mercury and Venus, which is unbelieveable. We feel very, very strong in Virgo, which means that all the ideas we got in the month, August, now, we can finally start and begin to manifest. Now, what else do we know about Virgo? It's a mutable sign, so always naturally exchangeable. It's ruled by planet Mercury, so it's all about paperwork and contracts and banks and bills, communication. Finally, the holiday is over. Signs are happy, Capricorns and Virgos and all other holidays are happy to be back to work. So, we're happy to be back to be able to manifest all the creativity and all the ideas that we actually got in the month of August and the month of Leo. Here we are. We need to manifest. But, and there's one simple "but." We know that this the month of Teshuvah, I'm sure all the teachers will talk about it. This month of going inward. And it's not a coincidence. This month of going inward is actually a Virgo month. And we know one good and bad thing about Virgos, that they have very good attention to detail. They can see all the little details. That's why some can make amazing artists. They can make amazing calligraphy, or they can become sculptors or doctors. They see all the little negative things that need to be taken away so something beautiful can come up. So, they see all the imperfections. Now, this is the time that all of our imperfections are going to be zoomed in on. Not only is this the super moon, so the earth is going to be closer to the moon, the moon is going to appear very big to us, also black moon, so it's going to be hidden. So it's going to be a very strange combination. All of our negativity is going to be brought to our face. It's going to be a little bit harder for ourselves to see, but the world is going to see it. So the trend of listening continues. We need to listen, and every sign, and I'm going to go through all the 12 signs very quickly. It's going to be affected by one area in their lives where two things can happen. First, you can manifest. You can finally actually build something in that area of your life, and you'll know exactly what to do because you've had all the inspiration in the month before. And two, in order to build, in order to be able to manifest, you need to look inward. You need to look at your imperfections, be able to clear it out, be able to spiritually focus, to clear it out and to move forward and to build something. I'll go through all the signs and I'll give you a little bit of an example for this kind of Virgo, their birthing month, we're going to give them a gift. Okay, so let's start with Virgo. Now, Virgos are going to go through an interesting month. Virgos are going to be zoomed in at to come through different aspects. not only is it their birthing month, so of course it will be a birth celebration. And by the way, funny, but not all Virgos actually like to be celebrating their birthdays. Now, when I say Virgo, it's whether you're Virgo sun, moon or rising. What I'm going to be talking about now is going to be very accurate for those of you who know your rising sign, for those of you who know your sun sign and your moon sign. So look at all the three signs, if you know. If you don't know, you can always consult an astrologist to help you figure it out. So for anyone that has Virgo rising sun to moon, this month specifically is going to be completely zoomed in on. You're going to be able to see everything that you actually need to change, to perfect and work on, and that you have to manifest. You can actually completely rebuild yourselves, Virgos, specifically this month. It's not necessarily going to feel easy, because not only do you have your own eyes on you, the world will have eyes on you. People will look at you. People will also criticize you. Everyone needs to remember, this month will feel very critical because you will know, as it is above, as it is below. Because we're undergoing a certain level of pre-judgment in the month of Virgo upstairs before Rosh Hashanah. So results are going to happen here. People are going to start noticing more things that bother, and more things do. So Virgos are going to have to be a little bit more gentle with themselves, because they are already so self-critical all the time, so maybe just ease up a little bit to remember that the reason we need to look into ourselves and into our imperfections is to be able to build. And this is the month for Virgos to really reinvent themselves. Now, the next month we have is Leo. Leo had an interesting month, but now we're heading into Virgo, and Leos actually, in later-on stages of their lives, eventually, the progress into the sign of Virgo, their sun moves to always the Virgo sign. Now, Leo is an interesting time. I guess Leos might have been overspending in the month of August because this super new moon is going to be happening in their second house, which is the house of the finals. So the area that's going to be zoomed in at is actually finance, and the areas where Leos will be able to manifest is also finance. But it can be finance and it can be value. It's things that you hold valuable in the physical world. Maybe it's a house, maybe it's a bank account. Maybe it's something else. It depends what you value physically in this world. Now, this is also accurate for Leo sun, moon and rising, and this is the time, really. And by the way, for your spiritual process and cleansing is also very good thing to do, to revise path. Sometimes Leos have a tendency a little bit to overspend on pleasure sometimes. So to maybe go back for a moment and just see where did you mishandle the energy with money, maybe where you should have been a little bit more spiritual about it. So, how are we going to look at it, how are we going to cleanse it, and how are we going to go to build a new structure handling our finances. Now, Cancer is very interesting. Cancer is going to be undergoing a way of thinking and communicating. It's going to be in the third house, so the way Cancers communicated is going to be judged a little bit, so it's time to think, are we building with our words or are we destroying? And the answer, of course, is always to build. And this is accurate for sun, moon rising. Then, after Cancer, we go to Gemini. And Gemini, it's going to be affected in the house, the physical house. So Gemini, with sun, moon rising, it's time to see how we are behaving in our house, in our home. Have we've been behaving at home? Maybe we've neglected it? Maybe it needs to be refurbished. Maybe our patterns in our home should be different, with our home, with our family. This is the area to start looking into. Taurus, that's going to be all about creativity and kids. So to lay down a new pattern that you have with the children that you have; or if you don't have kids, re-examine your belief system about bringing kids into this world. Or if you're still too young to think about those things, think about creating, being creative. So, what is it, how are you expressing your creativity, and which ways can you perfect it? in which place can you build on it? For Aries, it's going to be a place of work and health to help into complicated areas. Again, because both actually go well together. If we take care of our physical body and we're strong and we're healthy, of course, we can manifest more work. So if you think about the connection and the balance between health and work. Now, for Pisces, it's going to be all about relationships and partnerships, re-examining patterns in relationships and partnerships. There might be also a ship. You might to decide to end certain types of relationships, start new types of relationships. It's a good time to manifest things. If you want to propose to someone, it's the time to do it. If you want to take things to the next level and build something, it's a good time. Now, Aquarius, I'm so sorry, Aquarius has been having it almost the hardest. I would say Capricorn and Aquarius both, sun, moon and rising, for the past year, it's going to be over soon. We'll talk about that later, but it's very big time of shedding the skin, of looking inside of changing that attitude towards people that might not be with us anymore in this physical reality. To letting the grief go. To see how we can transform ourselves and our environment. To let go and remain connected to situations that maybe left us, or people that left us. But it's a very deep process. It's a very deep process, so again, don't do it alone. Aquarius are strong in community. If you are Aquarius in Sun, moon and rising, and it's hard for you, please reach out. Please make sure you're not alone, you're surrounded by people who love and care about you, and you let people help. Aquariuses are not into letting people help but allow others to help you and you're going to be okay. Now also, by the way, when I say transformation for Aquarius, not to scare anyone, but sometimes I speak about these things, and I get phone calls later, "Oh, God, is something bad going to happen?" No. Nothing bad is going to happen. Everything has happened the way it happened. It's just a month to process everything that has been going on over the past one year-plus. So it's more about revision and building. So areas you're feeling you need to transform for Aquariuses, continue building. Now, Capricorn, very interesting. Capricorns have been shedding a lot of skin. It's been a very hard process. Capricorns, sun, moon and rising, for some of them, maybe it was as health challenge, a work challenge, challenges. All the things are different challenges, there's no other way to talk about it. Now, this month is interesting. It's actually asking you to zoom in on your belief system, on your education, on your knowledge, and develop more. So it's time that you want to study something new or you want to take a course or you want to go back to college or you want to travel or you want to explore or you want to change your believe system, revisit it, re-look at it. And to build something there, this is the time. This is the time for really true, deep spiritual reflection. But in a fun way. Explore. Go out of it. Capricorns always have borders. I'm a Capricorn myself. It's like solemn rings. So go out of solemn rings to do it and miracles will happen. It's very interesting, because Capricorn is a little bit more left, and it's going to be okay. After December, energy will shift for Capricorns dramatically. So we're right toward the end of the process that all the Capricorns have been going through. Now, Sagittariuses, and this is accurate for Sagittarius, rising sun and moon, are going to be going through zoom-ins and criticism on their work. but not only criticism, it's time to build. So you'll be in the race. You might get criticized, but then you'll build. You can counteract, because also remember the Sagittarius house is in Jupiter in Sagittarius, so there is a lot of luck. You can be lucky. Just build. Don't stop. Just start. All the plans, all the ideas, all the inspiration that you have, this is the time to do. This is the time to work, work, work, not to run away. The holiday is over. Go to work. Keep a little bit of a lower profile. Humble down and work. And also re-examine unhealthy patterns and think what you want to adjust and change in the course of your work. We have two more to go. Scorpio. Scorpio is all about changing. Scorpio sun, moon rising is about changing the environment, it's about changing your social circle of friends. Re-examine unhealthy patterns. Think of what's who is friend? How are you asking for what's is a friend ? How can the connections that you've been developing? Have you been this community member? How could you be more of a community member? And this is really the time to re-examine and manifest there. Be part of a social circle. Create new friendships. Ask, build them stronger. Take them to the next level. It's going to be a very powerful process for you. It's going to be something that can also take you to the next level. Now, Libras, also interesting. Very internal process that you're going to be going through. Sun, moon rising is going to be re-examining your dreams. Your fantasies and dreams and hopes and deepest theories, you're going to be looking at it again. Are they accurate? Are they connected to reality? And this is the time. By the way, if you have dreams, this is the time to manifest it. Or to test if it's manifestable. Something practical that you actually can do, or maybe it's time to let go of it. But also a very, very internal process, the month of Aquarius and Capricorn. So for everybody, I wish a beautiful month and wish you good luck. Any questions, of course, we're here. And the main thing is probably to be gentle with how you're criticizing others. It's really the areas of your life that we spoke about the first time. Focus on building there. There is going to be other noise around. It's going to be a very, very active month, but try to do meditations and let it out. Focus on developing that specific area of your life, build it into growing it. And if you practice now, in six months now, you're going to be a completely different person. If you're supposed to focus on your career, you're going to see a promotion. If you have to focus on education, you will get a degree. You can manifest something in a very significant and a very short period of time if you put that seed there now. Especially before the holidays begin. Chodesh tov everyone. It was a pleasure to be here with you. Hope to see you soon.

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Naomi Zohar Astro Forecast - unedited

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