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When the puppies turn four weeks old, they're ready for step one of the communication trinity, which is to condition them to a training marker. In our case we use a clicker. Once a clicker is conditioned-- or as we say, powered up-- we can use it to let the dog know he's hit upon the behavior we're looking for, and he'll be getting a treat. This is known as a classically conditioned reinforcer, and it's one of the most useful training tools you can have. Most of us are familiar with classically conditioned reinforcers from "Pavlov's Dog." If you recall, Pavlov rang a bell, and gave the dog food, rang a bell, and gave the dog food. What happened after awhile was when he rang the bell, the dog would salivate. The dog would have a physiological response as if food were present, even if the dog were never given food. This is hugely significant to us, because it means that we can produce an involuntary physiological response in our dogs through classical conditioning. That literally we can reach inside that dog and control the way that they feel, whether they want to feel that way or not, by using a classically conditioned reinforcer. To power up the clicker, we present the puppy with food immediately after they hear the click. At this stage, it doesn't matter what the puppy is doing when we click. We're conditioning her to feel a certain way when she hears the clicker, not training her to do anything. After enough repetitions the click will equal food in the puppy's brain. The puppy will have an involuntary physical response to the click, as if she were actually being given food. She'll relax and then salivate when she hears the click. Thus not only is the clicker a great tool for communicating with our dogs, but a way to instill a sense of calm and well-being in our dogs when we train as well.

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