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System Demon - Fear of change Demon

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: System Demon - Fear of Change Demon Good day all, I am the fear of change system demon ok so, you had the following you had the embarrassment system demon ok which is at the top of the triangle at the bottom you've got the fear of loss and fear of change system demon which is me over here (lower left) ok fear of loss and then embarrassment now! fear of change and fear of loss at the bottom two points manifested embarrassment system demon therefore you will notice that consciousness- system manifestation experiences exist in triangle formations as in these triangle formations that you want to disintegrate to not be of that anymore, because that still a while- consciousness perception manifestation of three or more in my name fascinating aye? two or more in my name sorry, two or more two, or more in my name, I am there, ok? so, fear of loss and fear of change manifest the embarrassment system which you experience so you think it is embarrassment which you have defined your experience to but actually! what's behind it which created it is the fear of change and the fear of loss, ok? that's how that works now! fear of change system demon is what I am so when you fear change the only way you fear change is when you've gone and defined yourself according to your world ok for instance let's take an example you're about 16 17 years old, your parents tell you: Son or woman or girl whatever child we are moving, ok? we are now moving to different state, you are going to different school oh my god, here you break down: But my friends are here! I've pulled my Life herein here is my favorite mall to go shopping, here is the beach to go surfing there is nothing! I can't do anything there, this is my Life! this is my world! you are taking it away from me! that's fear of change, why? because you have gone and done the following: you've defined yourself according to friends in other words which means you cannot be away from your friends because you are so much part of them you can't be away from you ocean and your surfing because that is you without it, you will be lost, without your friends you will be lost, you will mean nothing then- what else? the mall shopping food network whatever your favorite little dairy places there and that's you and everything is going to be gone and then you are go into emotional breakdown because your whole world is going to be gone and the new is coming forth and you don't know what the hell to expect so why does fear of change from that perspective exist because now you've got to go and redefine yourself according to other people another place and a new home and that scaring shit out of people because- that means they have to start all over again, and redefining themselves but that is not where I am getting at, I don't want you to fucking recreate me, please what I am saying is the following: When you world is changing when something of your world is not what it was before and you experience break down or fear or anxiety whatever, know that part of your world you've used to define you according to and that if that were to go you- not exist anymore or a part of you will not exist anymore the same with relationship why do people have emotional breakdown, because that person that left in them a part of you existed and without them, you are nothing- that part of you is gone which refer to be the perception of love, caring holding, support stability people put that shit out there in their world and then when that collapses they collapse because they have gone define themselves according to separated manifestations in the world, it is simple so, what you do is the following: now you have got the triangle, ok? you know there is fear of loss and fear of change which manifest the embarrassment system demon, ok? now you work with fear of loss system demon and fear of change system demon and you are able to test your application of forgiveness is specific by placing yourself- and it will happen spontaneously, remember you will test yourself, ok? so become moments where a embarrassing situation as per definition of human beings will occur, to test yourself whether yourself to see did you rely yourself to going to embarrassment, if you did! you have to go back! to the fear of loss and fear of change and check what point did I missed there and then so you will test yourself in your world because who is exist but you so, fear of change forgivenesses: I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear change because I have defined myself according to that specific point that have changed I forgive myself that I have defined myself according to that which is separated from me in my world in that- if that were to go a part of me would go I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to define myself in placing myself into all these materialistic manifestation in my world and if that were to go, I would to go, and I would disappear I can't handle that I have to control my world I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to trying to control my world because as long as I control my world, I know I am in control, and nothing has to change I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to use the method of control keeping human beings in my world as I want them to be, so that I can make sure I don't have to change so it's very important point human beings look! who is in your world who are you controlling why are you controlling how are you controlling them and how you are controlling them to remain in your world just as you want them exactly on their place you know how to be with them how to talk to them, what to wear in front of them how to behave in front of them exactly just to keep them in your world, and that's what happens in relationships in relationships people control each other so they can just remain in their relationship so they know where to stand with each others that they- never have to change and that's why emotional break down occurs because that control falls and then they realize I can't control that person, and because they placed all and everything of themselves into a person separated from them and then they fall apart and their whole world fall apart etc. so what I am saying is human beings: have a look at where in your world you've gone and defined yourself according to something separated from yourself wherever you place you outside of you that if that have to go you would completely have a breakdown, and test it for yourself simple example will be put everything of your world here in front of you and take everything away one by one remove it, so only you stand alone it is a simple practical example if you experience yourself for instance if you take your husband or boyfriend away or your wife or your girlfriend away or your yes, something like that you know gay lesbian included I am not talking only about normal relationships this is now everyone in a relationship with partner if you take away your partner in any way or form your partner is where are you reacting in your physical human body or where are you reacting emotionally if you react emotionally for instance- you experience fear immediately! I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear being without my partner I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear being alone I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to fear being independent etc. so you continue it's a simple practical example to assist yourself with ok, so this is the fear of change demon thank you very much Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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