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Annoying Orange: Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind

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-Wow, look at that sky. It is beautiful. Hey, check it out, Orange. There's Cassiopeia. -Hey, hey onion. -What? No, it's... -Look Pear, It's Onion. Hey, hey onion hey. -Dude, that's not an onion. -Wow, Onion's the biggest star that I've ever seen. -Dude, it's not an onion. It's...what the? -Whoa, what's that one called? -Wait a second Orange, that's not a star. -Ooh, a light show. -Oh, my God. [both screaming] Captioned by SpongeSebastian -Whoa, what the? -Where are we? -Ah, the specimens are conscience. -What was that? -It's Broccoli. -Welcome to space, earthlings. -Space? Hey, hey Broccoli. -Quiet. -Jeez, I don't like this guy altitude. [laughs] -Silence, the leader approaches. -The Bieber? [gasps] Is Justin Bieber here? Yay! -What? No, I said "leader". -Take me to your Bieber. [laughs] -[chuckles] All right, minions. Show me the money! [chuckles] What do you have for me? -Hey, you must be the Bieber. Sing "Baby", sing it. Do it now. -Hold on there a second, my little fruit basket. -Hey, look Pear, I've got the Bieber fever. -Quiet! You know Orange, you're acting glib right now. -Hey, sorry about that. Orange gets a little excited sometimes. I think what he's trying to ask is why are we here? -Why are you here. You want the truth? -Yeah. -You can't handle the truth! The truth of the matter is you are about to get the ride of your life. [chuckles] -[chuckles] [both chuckling] -Silence! Bring in the Vivisector 9000. [mechanical whirring] -Whoa, it's a giant bedazzler. -No, it's not a bedazzler. -Ooh, bedazzle my jacket! Bedazzle my jacket! -What the? -It needs more rhinestones. [laughs] -No, this machine is for dissecting. You see Orange, we are traveling across the universe studying the most intelligent lifeforms we can find. -Umm, I think you might have the wrong guy. -Yeah, Pear's not the brightest guy in the world. -[groans] -Silence! It's time to see what you two are really made of. Vivisector 9000, target the intelligent life and fire at will. [chuckles] -Hey, Pear, look what I can do. [babbles] You try. [babbling] [beeping] -Oh, crap. [boom!] -Whoa, I didn't know the ship had cruise control. [laughs] -The leader is no more. -No more? -No more. Long live our new leader! -Yay! -Yay, I'm the new Bieber! -What is your first demand, new leader? -Hmm... Ooh, I know what we can do. -Oh boy, here we go. -Yay! Now I'm a big star too. -Dude, that's not a star. -Shut up, Pear.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Aug 22, 2010

Orange and Pear are abducted by an alien race of broccoli. (Captioned using

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