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NiP vs Astralis Очень жёстко болеет Легендарный HeatoN

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They're not coming out, why are you throwing device Oh he's testing his luck 2v2 situation You jinxed it, wait, how did he kill him? Seized: He shot him through the dissolving smoke Is there a smoke for bomb? I think yes They're watching top Holy shit He'll lose consciousness Shit is going down here "Inaudible" 15-12 elimination game, HeatoN is NiP's manager ( and CEO) and ex-coach Cheering hard for his team I just want to see their reaction I just want to see HeatoN I dunno, we can see the winning moment on the TV Them or TV? Okay let's go Lots of people here But honestly this is a very important match Denmark and Sweden They're close to each other, like 5 minutes from here The fight is real 1v4 this is it Come on guys, be happy I'll catch everything Some Sonya helped them Winning Astralis is dope, they're strong right now Good job guys NiP in Sweden are dangerous Soy meat? We can get NiP, dangerous Plus on the stadium, gonna be hard You know Operation Barbarossa? We know what do hahah But the stadium will go nuts Some insane stuff going on I want to record some more emotions The guys are happy Lots of sensations this tournament Be careful on CSGOLounge Luminosity lost, I'll make a separate video talking about that Right now NiP did a good job, today is their day and they will celebrate Next is also an interesting match, Tempo Storm, #2 Brazilian team vs EnvyUs Let's go see them play What does apex have in store Is he in form? Last time I watched him play they lost to Tempo Storm In Katowice They played vs Tempo in groups, lost and didn't go through groups Today is a bo3 elimination Hard, hard And there we have some serious talk Zonic is like "You lost, blah blah blah" Okay guys, I'll talk to you later Stay tuned

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Posted by: iamfish007 on Apr 15, 2016

NiP vs Astralis Очень жёстко болеет Легендарный HeatoN

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