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RTV News 03JAN2020

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The St. Elisabeth hospital in Herentals starts with a unique follow-up system on Monday. A system that will know, at any point in time, where a patient is and which procedure he or she must undergo. This will simplify the work of the staff. Soon there will be an app as well. This way parents, for example, can closely follow the surgery of their child. The new system is part of a total renovation of a day center and the operation wing. Lily and Leon cut the ribbon of the new waiting area of the operation wing that is specially decorated for children. Starting on Monday they can play and relax here before undergoing surgery. Previously, they were admitted to pediatrics, on our normal ward. We noticed that the pediatric ward often presented difficulties during the winter peak, meaning they had to move to the surgical day center, but the fact is that a pediatric nurse is best suited to take care of the children. So it wasn't always easy to have the pediatric nurses move along with them. The two preschoolers also wear a tracking system around their wrist. This is a tag that is assigned during registration. This is the same for adults. The system can follow the entire process of the patient. This already existed for consultations, but now it will also be implemented in the operation wing and the day center. Well, I think it's important to make patients and loved ones feel at ease and now we have the big advantage that we can also see where the patient is at any point in time and this is important for our healthcare providers, for the nurses and for the doctors, and of course we can return information to the patient and his/her loved ones. In the future, a customized app will be added to the tracking system. The app has been developed for family or parents to install on their mobile phone. And then they can perfectly see where their child is in the operation ward, the preparation area, in the surgery or if he or she is already in recovery. Next to the follow-up system, the hospital also boasts two new operating rooms and a renovated day center.

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RTV News 03JAN2020

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