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cooperativa Macetas Andalucía

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The I+D is being strengthened in all areas of life and the environment would not be less Talk about innovation and ecology. Ecology examines the relationship between human groups and their environment, both physical and social social progress also implies a parallel development in our relationship with our environment. an example of innovation development and ecology is "Macetas", a cooperative of architects specializing in integrated projects with a focus on the management of ecological resources and waste. We are dedicated to landscape architecture projects with a focus on managing environmental waste and resources. We opened 4 lines of work and bioclimatic architecture and bio- design a water Landscape gardening and social rehabilitation of habitat. The integral design allows to optimize the natural cycles within the living spaces, through waste management Composting or water management conventional technologies, although the concept of coaching is essential habitat. understand that the user is an active citizen and a little train that so that became citizens not just consumers organic product, so to speak, but in humans acting in an environmentally friendly way using tools and mechanisms that we put your hand through the architecture. As the technology for free access to knowledge through Creative Commons licenses are required in this type of projects, although there are more tools. In developing our project we use free software, we try to introduce it into our project and we are starting to work a tool for network, social networking. we think may be a good tool for the creation of collective projects, we provide new job opportunities and possibilities of inter with other companies or associations. Projects such as "Macetas" European winner for youth employment PEFONDES on the Social Economy is a clear example of how innovation is a breakthrough in urban ecology and of course citizens. INNOVA. Economics Foundation Social Innovation OCPS. Production. 2011

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Posted by: cooperativasmm on Jul 30, 2011

cooperativa Macetas Andalucía

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