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Satyaprem - Entrevista Veja 3 de 3

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Third part of the interview with Satyaprem. Satyaprem, in your website there is a highlighted phrase "you are not who you think you are"... ...why did you put that ? does it have any link to the discovery of who you are ? - Definitely. Actually it is all you need to know... ...If you are not... I mean : if you are not who you think you are... Who are you ? Is that found in a Satsang ? - That is found in less than a second... - Any person could find that ? - Any person. - I mean... any person can meditate, is it for any person ? ... or is there any type of precondition, any type of requirement to it gives results ? - No, there is no requirement. In a Satsang, a meeting, a retreat... there was a psychologist who was discussing that with me... ...she said "To understand you, there is a need of a developed intellect..." "... it is needed to have a certain education..." ...and that's also true... - Sure, you have a reasoning more refined... - But, then I said, "let's experience and see if that is true..." then, there was a cook, who was cooking in that place, a completely illiterate black girl, she didn't know to read... and I said "call that person here, now" "...and we'll see whether she can see that, which I want to show you now" without the "intellectual issue" because she doesn't have it... ...and it was impressive. I talked to her briefly... ...asked her to look to the right point... She looked and stayed... "ahhhhhh" One week later, that person, that psychologist who was a friend, asked her (who worked for her)... "That what he spoke, that what you saw that day... how is it ? how is that experience today ? and she said "it is still present." The truth is that everybody has not only the access but also the right to that access. - How is a Satsang ? how does that type of meeting work ? - It is a conversation. It is a conversation... which doesn't have any information (however it informs) The real value of Satsang is exactly in, through a conversation... ... show you that the less important thing is the conversation... - It is a conversation between you and a group... -... and a group... Then you, through a dialogue, realize that... ...Silence is far more appropriate that the content of the words or words themselves. Then it would be as a conjunct meditation, where instead of using a technique, I use my presence... ... and I call the attention of your presence. - and is it important to have a special place for that ? - Any place, any place, any place. - A rush hour traffic... are you able to...? - It even would be the best place. - Why that ? - Because meditate in the middle of the little birds is easy... anyone meditates... Realization is exactly in being capable of being in the middle of a turbulent moment... in peace. - The stereotype of a Master, of someone who does this therapy, who guides this types of therapy... - It is not a therapy. - Isn't it a therapy ? why isn't meditation a therapy ? - No, that I did before... meditation has nothing to do with therapy... you don't work with the psychological process. - But people imagines that... and there are people who only do that... therapy... and the stereotype shows the most prudent person... ...and he also uses special dresses... let's say from India... and you don't... You have a different type... I don't think you fit with that stereotype... ... How are you in that sense ? you like...? you drink ? you smoke ? how are you about that ? do you like going to bars ? - My life is common, as anybody else... ... there are the same joys, there is only a detach about those things which is probably different to the majority of people... but all things I want to do, I do them... without problems, and I even stimulate you to do them... only that you don't have to get attached to them at an obsessive level, and you can enter and get out from wherever it might be... Really we are here to play, the world is a great amusement park... ...then to take it seriously is stupid... and enjoy with it, is the big teaching. You are here to laugh, smile, be happy, make happy others... and whenever the time to go away comes (please this is metaphoric, there is nobody who calls you)... ...and although there are some who say "time is over, please next"... then you can say "I did everything I wanted to do". - You are a joyful man, you are a happy man. - I am joy. - And how do you face death ? you don't use the word 'death' ? - "Death ?" what death ? - Now I ask you - Death is an idea. - And when you referred Osho... you used that expression that I liked... how did you say ?... "got out the body"... - Death is an idea, it is a myth actually... ...because...who dies, really ?... if we watch... Nothing is created, everything is transformed... - The person continues... - No, the person does not continue... that is another aspect of the situation... The fact is that meanwhile you believe that you are a person, then, death does exist. If you dislocate that perception of yourself as being a person and start to take yourself as another thing... ...death is out of focus. Then, in energetic terms, this body here, will become food for other elements which will generate life... so life never ends... ... it is a circle. There is a psychological death, let's say so... you as a person will disappear... will no go to the movie anymore, or those things... But just look... "that" who you are, who doesn't go to the movie anymore... let's say so... ...that death already happened... are we in the movie now ? - exactly... I don't think so. - No ! you are not in the movie now... so, what is happening ? That idea of death... is an old thing, a very old thing that... ... plenty of mold... we need to take out completely that idea from people, I mean this: it is one of the most used elements for you to fear, for you to be afraid... People cannot be guided by fear anymore. People has to be guided by Consciousness. Hence, if I ask you now, (let's imagine that you have consciousness of you now), Where is the consciousness that you are, in this moment ? Where is it ? Now the answer... I can say you don't know it... - I don't know ! I would say that: I don't know. - That object "mind-body" has no consciousness of the Consciousness... ...because Consciousness is not an object, from which "this object" (body-mind) can be aware of it... so, Consciousness is beyond the senses... this here, might be a little bit more complex... ...but that Consciousness which is beyond the senses, it is that enables... ...did you know that you are holding your jaw now ? ...then... where does it come from ? if you watch, you will see that she doesn't come from anywhere... its answer will be "I don't know, but I know that I am holding my jaw" "I don't know from where it comes, but I know..." Therefore, that "knowing" is inherent... but it is already done, it is past, we act like blinds to that... we don't realize that before any event, before any thought , sensation or whatever it is... ...there is Consciousness. Do you know any event which never ends ? The word event means exactly that it has a beginning, a middle and an end...'s an occurrence. Now, that body which is sat here, is an occurrence, an event... it is appearing but one day it will disappear, as all events... Now... what is the screen, what is the background ? what is the environment where that element, that event happens ? Consciousness ! I have Consciousness of this event now. But I am not the event, even if you think I am it, or even if you think that you are it... that's why "you are not who you think you are" - I have to finish here, I would like to thank you so much. This is very clear and profound... This will be of interest for many people ... I am happy with you, we will talk again, thank you very much... - Namasté ! - Namasté !

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Entrevista a Satyaprem - VEJA

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