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VideoPress Integration for Self-Hosted WordPress

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In this short tutorial, we'll show you how to get set up and integrated with the VideoPress service and your self-hosted WordPress blog, giving you a fully-embeddable, minimally-styled, HD player for your blogs. So, first of all, you're going to need a account, but you're only ever going to need to log in to it once. So sign up to that: quickly add in your username, throw in a password, and add your email address, click on the legal flotsam and jetsam, and then the most important part is that you need to make sure you have "Gimme a blog!" selected, not "Just a username", because you're going to need that for the uploads. Once that's done, you should see over on the left here a link to your blog, so click on that, and then in the Dashboard of the blog, head to the Upgrades section, and that's where you're going to purchase the VideoPress upgrade. So it's right down on the bottom, and it costs $59.97, so click on that, put in your credentials, and you can pay with PayPal, or with your credit card via PayPal. And once that's done, you may want to add some extra space. You have space included, but if you do need any more, there are options for 5, 15, and 25 GB upgrades, so maybe now's the time to do that. Now, in my self-hosted blog, I now need to install a plugin, so I go to the Plugins menu and select Add New. Here, I'm going to run a search for "VideoPress" and click on "Search Plugins". The first option here is VideoPress, so move over to the right and click on "Install". "Install Now", and finally, activate the plugin. Once that's all installed, I'm good to go, so when I now next come to write a post, I'll see that I've got a new icon just along above the top of my editor, where it says "Upload/Insert", so I click on this here, and that opens up VideoPress. I'll need to sync up with my account the first time I use it, so I'll put in my details here (if I have more than one blog, it'll ask me to select those). Then, I'm taken right into the Media Library of that blog, where I can select an existing video like this, and it's important when you do that to make sure that you add a title. This will appear in lots of different places, including the RSS feed of the blog. So I'm just going to put in an appropriate title. After that, I've got the option of description, I can decide if I'd like to make it private by not sharing the embed code or if I'd like to be able to share that with whoever I like, I can add a rating, but the important part that I really need is the shortcode, which I'm just going to copy to my clipboard, click out, and then just paste directly into the post editor, whether that's in visual or HTML mode. So now, when I publish, I've got my video good to go in my blog. This is pretty simple. Now, what if I want to add a new video? Same process: click on the VideoPress icon, and when that opens up I need to go to "From Computer", the left-hand-side tab up here, select the tab for my Desktop, choose a video, and then that's going to upload for me. If you encounter any problems with Flash, there's also a browser uploader, which you can click on to use that instead. Once the video's uploaded, again, I'm going to want to add a title—always important, because this is going to appear in all of your metadata. All of the other stuff's kind of optional. And then, I need to grab that shortcode, and just paste that right into my post. So I'm going to publish that up to my blog and that's good to go. Click on "View Post", and there I've got it. So, VideoPress, fully integrated with a self-hosted blog, with only ever really having to go into .com just the once. That's VideoPress, for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

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VideoPress brings high definition embeddable video to and beyond. In this tutorial, we look at how to make use of the service using your self-hosted installation of WordPress.

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