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Jamila's parents interview (i)

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-We'll start now. -Okay. Quite, Ahmad! This will be the last time I tell you! We're recording... We would like to hear your voices. I will send you in! Go away, you and him! Quickly, quickly! Will the neighbours listen to us if we... Yes, she will. She is modest. Talk to her. Hamza, Ahmad, Jamila go inside! -Come on, Jamila. -Go inside! -Just for a while. -Come on! Hanan left? Talk to Hanan! Hurry, Jamila! Come on, enough. Go inside, Jamila. Ahmad, Go inside. Inside, Ahmad! Go ahead. What do you want to say? For your information, while answering the questions... I will not be able to... ... Will not be able to say "true, right, yes... Yes, I understand you, yes, yes. I will only do so. Yes, yes, alright. Another thing... Okay, I will explain the answer to them. Then she will speak, the girl will speak. Just like that, and these are the questions. Not so long. Around 15 minutes. Let them just tell us their names, their children and where they were born. We would like you to tell us your name... Name, age, where they were born, their names also. Introduce his family. We would like you to introduce the family a little. You can tell us about... Tell me about your name... Where... -Where do I live. -Where do you live, where also... -I was born... -Where you were born, how old you are. That's all... And you can tell us all names...Children names. My name is Mohammad Jad Living in Sabra. We came here to the camp around 6 years ago. We've lived in Sabra since the beginning. I was born in Sabra. I'm a Palestinian from Yafa. Imm Al-Laymoun... They call it Imm Al-Laymoun. My age... I was born in 71. I'm from Baabda, and my name is Fatima. Libanese. I was born also in Baabda and came to live here. I got married to my husband and we live in Shatila. My age... I was born in 73. And the names and ages of the children too. I have a girl... The first girl I had... -Jamila. -She is Jamila Jad. She is 9 years old. I have Hamza, 7 years old. I have Ahmad, 5 years old. I have Abdullah, one and half years old. All were born... No... I mean Jamila was born in Haifa Hospital. 3 were born in Hayat Hospital. Ahmad... Hamza, Ahmad and Abdullah. In Hayat Hospital in Sharkiyya. -Can they talk about their nationalities? -She said she's Libanese. Can they talk about their background, their parents? And ask them if they have a... So we can encounter. Will you... Now we would like to... ... To know more information about like your family... ... I mean you said you are from Yafa. If they live here also in Shatila and Sabra... ... Where are they? And you too. ... I have relatives like... They... ... I have siblings here of course living in Sabra too... My uncle's house is in Sidon... Another is in Palestine... Another in Tunisia in Syria... There is also in Damas in Yarmouk Camp... An uncle is my father's brother. What about your family? My family is in Baabda. I have others living in Alay. I mean my siblings live in Baabda and my cousins live in Alay. You are Palestinian. When did... ... When did they come? In...In 48. Can you answer in a complete sentence? Like for example, your grandfather... I remember my grandmother used to tell me they migrated from Yafa... My grandmother is of Turkish origin. She fell in the sea... She fell in the sea and they saved her... Then they came to live here... I mean we've lived here since 48. We live... You know how Palestinians here... are homeless and... We will ask you more about this... Okay, they can just tell us about their jobs, and their... Now... You still don't work... I'm sick But before that, what did you do for work? I worked as a painter. Furniture painter... I used to furnish bedrooms and things like that... But there became little work for me... No work... Then i worked as a house painter... Also a job... A free job... Free jobs... I was sick for a while... 3 years or so... The doctor told me not to work. I get tired because I have a problem with my liver... If I work, I have problems... And I need to rest and sit at home... And you? Where do you work? And since when? Since my husband got sick 5 years ago. I wasn't working before that. But when my husband got sick, I started to work. I worked in a school. Only when my husbad got sick... 5 years ago... I worked in a school... First a school here in Shatila... Now I've been working for 2 years in a school here in Hamad St. Cleaning the school and stuff. Circumstances forced me to do such work. But before that, I didn't work. I was at home with my kids... But now i feel there is something missing in them... I mean I can't give them everything. Because she helps me. I'm helping him. She is helping me and I'm staying home... And he can't work. Any kind of job is dangerous. So I had to work. Can you tell us... How do you... What do you exactly do at the school, cleaning? Clean the school. Like sweeping, mopping, making coffee... This kind of work at schools... Can they tell me about their religious background? We talk about the role of religion... The role of religion in your life. We know that you go to the mosque every Friday. Can you tell us about religion and its role in your life? Like for example... Yes... Like that. Well, religion is...Religion is good... Religion is forgiveness. You forgive people... And it is brotherhood. People love each other... And praying is an obligation for all Muslims... Praying is a must for all Muslims. As for me, I go to the mosque and I serve there... I serve the mosque... I serve people... I raise the prayers... And if the Sheikh is not there, I lead... I lead the praying... Especially on Fridays. Because it's Friday. I mean it's a special prayer... Every prayer is special. But Friday, it is a Friday prayer... So we do our duties. Clean the mosque, spray perfume, incense. Make the mosque smell good because Allah is good and likes good deeds. You performed Umrah... Pilgrimage. Yes! I performed Pilgrimage... Tell us about that. Yes, Allah blessed me, thank god, and I performed Pilgrimage... How? I went there... by plane... We stayed for 25 days... We stayed... Let's start from the beginning. How did you... I know you found someone... Someone helped you... Yes, yes, people helped me... May Allah bless them. I thank them for that... Also in Umrah, people helped me. Like how can I say it... I like... I like to perform Umrah... There it is... It is the source... Source of Islam. Source of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)... There I become another person... When I perform Umrah or Pilgrimage and see the Kaaba... I become different, another person... And thank God we enjoyed our time... I don't know him. You went with Jamila. I went with Jamila and Ahmad and Hamza went last year... Hamza... We went by bus. We went to Syria, Jordan then Saudi Arabia. We spent 3 days on the road. We went to Syria, Jordan then Saudi Arabia. We stayed 3 days. There is the desert. There are rest houses but we reach them after 3 or 4 hours. Then we pray and eat. We went to Ali Wells. We had a shower. Wore our Ihram clothes intending to perform Umrah. Until we reach Mekka... There, we drove around the Kabaa... Then we finish Umrah, cut our hair. And that's all. We take off our Ihram clothes, we go eat, shop, go to the market, go to the hotel, get some rest. Can you also tell us... You wanna ask her too, right? Did he mention like... Like... Did he talk about... Like, for example, we as muslims pray 5 times a day... And this is what we believe in... He says that you have the right to pray, and that praying is good... She says that some people watching this film will not know about about Islam. Yes! So, can you summarize... I mean I know there are 5 pillars... Can you tell us what is the heart of Islam? The heart of... Or like how can I say it... The most important thing in Islam... The most important thing in Islam... The most important thing is the intention... The intention... And to serve people. And to love them. These are the most important things in Islam. Because deeds... There is a saying by Prophet Muhammed (PBUP)... "Deeds are viewed by intentions, and every man is taken by his intention". For example someone is praying but not good with people... Then it's like he's not doing anything good... You get my point! The intention being the most important thing... Explain more. In the times of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)... In his days, there was a Jewish neighbor... His neighbor used to throw garbage at Prophet Muhammed's threshold... May Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him... First day passed, the second, the third, he missed him... He missed that the neighbor didn't throw garbage... He went to check on him and why he is not throwing garbage! He, Prophet Muhammed... Missed that man and found him sick... He checked on him, visited him. Well... It's... It's... Islam is not by force or... Or fanaticism or stuff... So he converted to Islam. That man who used to throw garbage at Prophet Muhammed's threshold was sick... Stayed home. He got sick. Prophet Muhammed missed him, went to see him... Prophet Muhammed... Why is he not passing by... Why is he not throwing garbage? That man converted to Islam, he became a Muslim. Can you explain to us how do you see... Like... Your house... How... Also regarding religion... How in the house... Like if you have a picture on the wall... Yes, yes. And how you...

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Jamila's parents are interviewed.

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