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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:26:51 - 16:41:52

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It's the only one. Really? I swear it's the only one. I swear. Come on. Go eat your chocolate. -I want to buy a Pepsi. -Take a Pepsi. There isn't any. -There isn't any. -Here. -A big one. Give her a glass one. -Glass? -Glass? There isn't a big glass bottle ... Give me ... You stepped on my foot. -There aren't any. -Fine. Give her a plastic one. -You want a big one? -Yeah. Come here. Take these cups. -My mom didn't tell me to bring cups. -She told me to send her cups. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Baby. Take this. Come on. Let's eat lunch. -Come here, Hamza. Come on, sit down. - Eat, honey. -Mom, are they going to eat? -No, they aren't going to eat. Later. Mom, ask them! Ask them! -Papa, are they going to eat? -Sit down and eat. Jamila, put the... Enough. Sit down and eat like normal. Sit down, sweetheart. -Jamila, serve yourself. Do you know how to serve yourself? Bring us the salt. -Can you serve me some? Give me some, Papa. Give that here for a second. I'll make him a plate. Jamila... Cups? Hamza! Come here. Come here. -Salt? -Bring the salt, Hamza. -Ahmad. -Mom. -Don't play with the bread. I'm eating! Slowly. Slowly. -Hamza. -Leave that alone. Come here and get the salt. Come, Hamza. -Is this for me? -Bring it here. Give me some rice, Papa. Can I have some rice? -Eat something. Okay, honey? Because tomorrow... -You! -What? Like this with the salt. What do you need, sweetheart? It's hot! Lunch? No? Okay, eat. -Hamza, pour some here. -Papa, it's hot! Um Hamza. Father. Mother. Mother Hamza. -Mother. Father. Father Hamza. -Eat, sweetheart. -Papa, it's hot! -Eat slowly. Don't touch it. Slowly. -Eat slowly. -But the camera... -Just like normal. Like this. Like normal, the way you always do. Someone is talking to you, honey. -Eat. You should be hungry. -Eat. -Ok, you gave me some. -With your right hand. -Like this? -They don't want to eat over there? -One minute. -You, where's your... -I can't take it off until we're finished. -There's only one dish? -Only one. If there were another, I would have put it out. -Hamza, eat! -Ok. -Did you give him some food? -Why? They're eating. -Jamila. -They are feeding each other. -Be quiet. -Come on. Will they sleep with the girls? You're eating while they film. Right now. So don't talk too much. If they had put a microphone on you, they would hear you. -Will they sleep with the girls? -No, they will stay here. Put the bed mattress on the floor...My mattress and they can sleep on the floor. -Eat the bread. -Pour them some Pepsi. -They don't want any. -Yeah, you can't tell. -Come one. -Take it off. Sit down and eat, honey. -You have a lot of work today. -Really? -You have to study. -Did you tell them? -Yes. -As soon as we finish... She can read Arabic. The one who speaks Arabic, she can read Arabic. -English and Arabic. -That's enough, sweetheart. I told her. Where? With us? They will watch us while we study? English. -They're going to sleep over too! -I have Arabic and English. -Did you feed him? -Yeah. -No. -Abdallah! -He drives us crazy! -Papa, he drives us crazy! -I don't have any work today. Did you tell him about the class? -Yes. He's coming up to teach her. -Did you explain the situation? -Yes. I talked to her. -Who? Um Fadi? -No! She's not coming? -They sat with her downstairs. -You swear? Why? Is something wrong? They went to Hanan's too. Really? Are they living with her? By the way.... -Give it to me. -Take it. -Mama? Mama? Papa? -Can you get the game? The big one? -You get it. But it's your fault. If you knew that, it was your responsibility. It cost twenty thousand lira. -Did we get it? -Twenty. -Did you tell the teacher we were here? I know. Really, I know! Why do you think he's wearing the headphones? Not to hear with them? To hear Arabic? -Abu Shadi saw them. -Jamila, there's the microphone. Where? Why are you doing that? You'll hurt his ears. Pour me some water. There's a cup. Stay until Ali comes. -Papa, she understands English. Stop asking. -Pour me some. -Me and Hamza. -You're tomorrow. -Where are you? -I'll put it here. -What did Mariam want? -Why do you need to know? The one who speaks Arabic is named Lucie. They're eating. -They were messing around next to the school -Enough, Jamila. -It's ok. -They're filming. -They said... "How are you? Film us! Film us!" And they were speaking English! -Did they film you in class? -Yes. In religion class, the guy and the girl, that one... And in Arabic class. Madame Fatim saw me. She likes me. I don't know why. -She likes me. -Who? -Madame Fatim. -Who is Madame Fatim? -From the school. -The principal. -The principal. -She likes her now? -Who is Madame Fatim? -Why? Why now? -I don't know. -They all love me today. -Really? -They're opportunists. -They love her! -No one filmed me. -Me. -They filmed me too. -Are you ok? What's wrong? -Madame Fatim starting chatting with me and laughing with me. Madame Fatim started chatting with me She took me to the bathroom. -Madame Fatim, when they put the microphone on me. -Who? -Will they give it to you? -Madame Fatim. Took me to the bathroom. She's a real opportunist! -The supervisor? -The principal. -Bigger. The biggest, most important one. -That's enough, Jamila. The principal, not the supervisor. The supervisor is the one who... -Eat with your right hand, Jamila. -I'm just... -She speaks English. -Bravo! -She's on television. -Jamila? -Yeah? Give me some sauce. Where should I put it? I put it here... We have a lot of work. -You'll get up and do the dishes. -Excuse me? -You bring the food and I'll come. -Ok. I did it three times! That's enough. One time, what's his name? -What happened to that guy? -Who? -When? -Nothing happened to him? -I hurt my neck and my leg. -Who? -Me. -Did you pick them up at school? -Yes. -You picked them up from school? -Those two. -And her? -She walked. -You walked? Me and Ms. Zouhour. Yeah, because they left... And me and Ms. Zouhour and the guy... And the two came and sat and filmed at the house. -Was there traffic? -I want some of this. Give Abdullah some okra. -What is it called? -Okra. -What did you think it was? -Okra. Okra. Give me a cucumber. My stomach hurts. Shhhh... Give me a cucumber. Here's a cucumber. You don't want a cucumber? Shhhh..... Papa, give me some sauce. Give me some of that sauce. -Take some. -Jamila, can you go get the big pot? -Ok, get up and go get it. -Goodbye. -Okra, right? My legs hurt! This one?

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: Irene Herrera
Director: Irene Herrera and Ron Carr
Views: 160
Posted by: glplebanon on Feb 12, 2010

Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - 16:30-16:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009) CORRECT

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