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Jaguar warriors

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The Central American country of Mexico is best known for But during the reign of the Aztec King Montezuma, in the 15th century, Mexico was also home to one of history's most peculiar elite forces, the Aztec Jaguar Warriors. The Jaguar is the biggest cat of the western hemisphere and the fiercest and most agile of all hunters in the forest. To the aztecs, the Jaguar represented Tezcatlipoca, the God of the night sky and the god of war. Jaguar warriors wore actual Jaguar skin as a uniform, through which they would receive the animals legendary powers. They fought with a wooden sword which was studded with obsidian blades and their feathered shield was said to have magical powers. The Jaguar warriors were among the most feared soldiers of the Aztec empire and served both on the forefront during military campaigns and as an elite police force in the cities. Warfare was at the center of Aztec society and becoming a Jaguar Warrior was one of the few ways for a commoner to rise in social status. Jaguar warriors were leaders in their society and part of the noble class. They dined at the Royal palace and had the right to hold concubines. Jaguar warriors were furthermore allowed to drink, Pulque a milky alcoholic beverage, made from the fermented sap of the agave plant, whose consumption among common people was punishable by death. In order to become a Jaguar warrior a soldier had to take twelve prisoners during two consecutive battles. Captives were used for the gladiatorial sacrifice in which the Jaguar warriors played an important ceremonial role. Captives were intoxicated with Pulque, chained to a rock and given a range of weapons. They were then attacked and eventually killed by the Jaguar warriors. The era of the Jaguar warriors came to an equally blood-thirsty end with the arrival of Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortez. Even though aztec society and its Jaguar warriors are extinguished today some of their feline counterparts live on in the jungles of Latin America.

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Jaguar warriors

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