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Aura Exercise Cured My Asthma

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When I was young I was diagnosed with periodic asthma I had a really tough time breathing with anything. and I was a really athletic kid so it was hard to get enough air to do the things I wanted to do. And doctors diagnosed me with panic attacks as well so of course, as anyone who's had panic attacks knows it's not easy to breathe when you have that as well. And I ended up going to several doctors And saying, "You know. I'm having a tough time breathing and they took lung tests, they did everything and nothing worked they eventually prescribed anti-depression pills for me saying "Take this, take this drug, it will help you breath better." And after a few weeks I said, "This is useless, this isn’t helping me breathe." And so, I found out about Healaura and I ended up coming to a few sessions with Orel. After a few of my sessions I got this energy exercise to help just overall bring up the energy of my Aura. And I didn’t know how it might relate to anything that I was doing. I remember I was doing a part of it once and all of a sudden I felt this surge of air come up through my lungs And it felt like a part of my lungs that I had never used before started filling up with this air and I thought, "Oh my God!" So I kept doing it, and I found that since then my breathing has increased exponentially. I feel a lot more relaxed because I’m breathing in situations that I didn’t usually breathe in before. During maybe an exam of some kind and or an interview or something I’m breathing and I’m much more calm and relaxed. So working with the Healaura process worked for me in just being able to bring breath into my everyday life and it’s been really beautiful.

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Posted by: healaura on Nov 25, 2010

This woman was diagnosed at an early age with periodic asthma and panic attacks.
Having tried countless tests and various medications and conventional medical practices to no avail, Gloria received an
energy exercise from Healaura Academy which balanced her Aura and her long-diagnosed panic attacks and periodic asthma disappeared.

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