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Genre that is characterized by telling imaginary or fictional stories, However these are inspired by real facts. He has a narrator who is the one who tells the facts. All history has some events or actions within a given space and time. The stories revolve around an aesthetically created world. The novel is the most extensive and perfect literary text of narrative discourse. In the narrative genre several types of narrator are recognized. The narrator is not the author as this may or may not be immersed in the story, whether or not to comment on the story Depending on the author the narrator will have an infinite or limited power. Inner narrator or first person: here a character tells the story. External narrator: here the story is told from a perspective alien to history. Omniscient narrator: acts like an all-seeing eye and no details are lost. Objective Narrator: This type of narrator tells the facts in a limited way. Narrator editor: the writer pretends that the work has not written it. Elements of a narrative text: action, time, characters and environment. The narrative texts are composed of three parts: • Presentation: is the presentation of the characters. <br> • Knot: is the development of the action. • Outcome: conflict resolution. The characters. They are the ones who cause or suffer events. The characters are usually: main (protagonists and antagonists) and secondary. Space and the environment. <br> The place of the facts can be: real, imaginary or fantastic. The discourse in the story may be direct, indirect or monologue. The narrative genres in prose are the novel and the story. The lesser genres are legend and fable.

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