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Periodiek Systeem gescheidenis

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By 1869 Mendelejev had been trying to find a pattern for the elements for a decade Whatever order he and the world's chemists tried to impose, there were still elements that wouldn't fit A universal theory seemed out of reach But now Mendelejev hit on a new idea He made up a pack of cards and wrote an element and its atomic weight on each one Strange though this may sound, so began the most memorable card game in the histrory of science He called it chemical solitaire and began laying out the cards just to see where there was a pattern where they would all fit together Now, previously chemists had grouped the elements in one of two ways Either by their properties, like those who react very strongly with water... ...or by grouping them by their atomic weight, which is what Bezeleus and Cannizaro had done Mendelejev's great genius was to combine those two methods together The odds were stacked against him Little more than half the elements we now know about had been discovered So he was playing with an incomplete deck of cards He stayed up for three days and three nights without any sleep just thinking solidly about the problem Then on the seventeenth of february, with a snowstorm raging outside, he decided to stay at home He was exhausted and he finally dozed off The story goes he had an extraordinary dream. He saw almost all... ... of the sixtry-three known elements arrayed in a grand table which related them together It was an incredible beakthrough. Imagine Mendelejev feeling like so many other scientific pioneers It's that determination even desperation to crack a puzzle and then that eureka-moment of revelation Mendelejevhad revealed a deep truth about the nature of our world That there was a numerical pattern underlying the structure of matter This is the Periodic table as we know it today and it's rooted in Mendelejevs discovery It decodes and makes sense of the building blocks of the whole world Now, although it's so familiar to us, it's on the wall of every chemistry lab in every school in the world... ...if you really look at it it's actually awe-inspiring What's so remarkable is that it reveals the relationships between each and every element in order Mendelejev had brilliantly combined element's atomic weights and properties into one universal understanding of all the elements

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