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KOR 102 Final Project

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Hello My name is Hongseol. Tomorrow I’ll be 28 years old. But...I still don’t have a boyfriend. Why did I go to a women’s college back then? Hi Hongseol What are you doing there? His name is Bogum. Please don’t be mistaken He is not my boyfriend. Because we live in the same neighborhood, We have been friends since childhood. Nothing Why do you look so unhappy? Is there anything wrong? My parents called me yesterday and asked me when I could bring home my boyfriend. What can I do? You are the only guy I know. Don’t worry I can introduce my friends to you You two can go on a date. My ideal type is kim soo hyun Are there such people among your friends? How about song joong ki? Do you want to meet him? Really? Thanks! Hello. I'm song joong ki. Nice to meet you. What would you like to eat? Shall we go to a Korean restaurant? There is a cafe nearby Shall we go there? Hmmmm....okay Can I have a pizza and a cup of iced tea? I’ll just get a cup of Americano. Do you like coffee? Yes Bogum likes coffee as well. But I don’t like coffee. Which one do you prefer? Ricecake or bulgogi? Ricecake Banana or apple? Apple Yah… Our tastes are completely opposite But on the other hand Bogum and you have the same preferences. You two really make a good match. What are you talking about?! We are just friends. I'm sorry. Thanks Wait!! I need to take photos first. OK I'm done. I shall post the photos on my instagram. Last time I got 10 likes from my friends! I am too popular, right? How was your date? We don’t match at all. I’m sorry about that…. By the way, do you like other types of guys? I know a cute and handsome guy. Do you want to meet him? Sure! Thanks again, Bogum. Hello. Are you Bogum’s friend Minjun? Yes. Nice to meet you, Minjun. What would you like to drink? I want... Wait. I have to pick up the phone. Hello What are you doing? Oh really? Do you have time to meet this Saturday? Let's go shopping downtown! I want to buy a purple pant. You want to go shopping with 명주?! No way! Do you know that she borrowed 10 dollars from me and didn’t give it back until 2 years later? Don't go shopping with her OK then let’s meet at 2 pm on Saturday! What would you like to eat, Minjun? Bulgogi and kimchi pancake, please. However, I don’t like spicy food, so please give me a kimchi pancake without kimchi on top. Hmmm….ok. Then I want…. Look at the super funny video! A cat is chasing a puppy and eat all the puppy's food! They are cute. How did you know Bogum? We live in the same neighborhood. Hmmm.....then how did you meet Bogum? Minjun?!! What are you doing?!! Oh I'm sorry. I'm chatting on Tinder. I just got two matches! Are you serious?!! I'll never see you again! Why?? Why are you leaving? Did I do something wrong? At home. Dear diary, these two dates were terrible Song joong ki took many pictures of his food and bragged about his popularity. He's vain! He said that Bogum and I have similar preferences. Is that right? And Minjun was always looking at his phone and talking on the phone He didn't talk to me. Was I even in the restaurant? He even went on Tinder in the middle of our date! But Bogum is respectful and kind, and I enjoy talking with him. Why is he friends with these guys? He’s good looking, too! But no... What am I thinking now? We’re just friends Aren't we? Hi Bogum Can we talk? Hey! How did the date go, Minjun? It went badly. She wasn’t interested in what I had to say. I don’t think she really wanted to be there. I thought that, too. Really? But she wanted to go to the restaurant with you. We were thinking actually... ... that she likes YOU What?! Why would you think that? We're just friends! I asked about you during our date and she blushed and seemed defensive. And she asked about you during our date. That was the only thing she wanted to talk about. Really? Are you really just friends? I...don't know I need to talk to her. Hello (typing...) (delete this...) We are close friends... Hey? (typing...) At the same time. I like you, Bogum. (typing...) (delete this...) Wow. Am I crazy?! Do you like me? (typing...) (delete this too...) Oh I got a new message! Do you have time tonight? (typing...) Let’s meet in front of the mall at 6. (typing...) I need to talk to you (typing...) Yes! I'll never be able to find a boyfriend. What about me? You?! I like you. Let's be together. Yes!

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KOR 102 Final Project

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