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ReACT Member Voices

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[♪ music ♪] [ReACT, Respect A Caregiver's Time, Corporate Leadership for Employee Caregivers] [Debra Whitman] The caregiving workforce is kind of this invisible army that we have that we're slowly starting to appreciate. And part of it is just that they don't often complain. [More than 1 out of 6 American workers are caregivers.] So many times the biggest issue for a caregiver isn't just trying to take care of their loved one after they fall or after a long-term illness. It's how to do that and juggle their job. [75% of family caregivers of people age 50 or older work while they are providing care.] [Katie Mahoney] For businesses, things that affect their employees affect them. And it's very important for our member companies to understand and learn how to best help their employees through different challenging times. [Providing care prevents 24% of employees from working more.] [Katie Maslow] The cost to employers was more than 33 billion dollars a year, in terms of replacing people who left their jobs because of family caregiving or who decreased hours. [Drew Holzapfel] ReACT, which stands for respect a caregiviers time, is the business response to a changing environment where more and more employees are faced with both professional demands and caregiving demands. [ReACT represents more than 30 companies and non-profit organizations and nearly 750,000 American employees.] [Janet McUlsky] When Pfizer met with a number of people that were very interested in caregiving and really founded ReACT, the thought was, how can we care for the caregivers? [Tom Koutsoumpas] My mother who passed away after a long illness, was really cared for by my sister, who had spent many years in Capitol Hill, and then ultimately spent full-time caregiving for my mother. [84% of unpaid caregiving is provided for adults 65 and older.] As a hero, I applaud her and all the others in the country who provide that level of caregiving, because it really is extraordinary. [Jeff Huber] When you get right down to it, you have 9 months to prepare for the birth of a child. But it feels like you have 9 seconds to prepare for a crisis with your senior loved one. So employers have a major role in supporting their employees with either planned or unplanned senior care needs. ReACT's tools and resources are a great start to prepare managers. [Andy Cohen] So what can employers do to help with this tough caregiving challenge? At we do a few things. For one, everybody has PTO, which is personal time off. We also have EETO, which is elder care emergency time off. [Louis Burns] We actually let people bank extended vacation time or leave time. So that if something does come up in their lives and they need to be off with that loved one in a caregiving mode, they have that time already set aside and they can openly and actively go out and do that. [Just 12% of U.S. workers have access to paid family leave benefits.] [Gail Gibson Hunt] There is a difference between caregivers in the workplace and people who are not doing caregiving. And what does that cost in terms of additional physician visits or emergency room visits, or prescriptions, all of those kinds of things? We've found that there is actually an 8% additional cost to employers. Flexibility in the workplace is one of the number 1 things that they need. [30% of caregivers report missing 6 or more days of work per year due to caregiving duties.] [Holzapfel] Managers need the tools so that they can help their employees take the first steps and utilize the resources that are out there to allow them to maintain both a professional and personal balance. [Brooks Kenny] We are thrilled to be part of ReACT. There is no other coalition of organizations like it. We know that caregiving is going to require many, many organizations of all shapes and sizes with different areas of expertise to create this movement. [Visit or to learn more.]

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Hear from Employers on the Benefits of Supporting Working Caregivers and Joining the ReACT Coalition

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