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DAVID WILCOCK - Return to Camelot.

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...and we are very happy to present him here today. David Wilcock Thank you. Tahnk you Carrie. Alright. We do have a lot of material to cover. We don't have a lot of time. How many people here need a bathroom brake or are you ready to just keep going? Just go? Alright. Now, you video guys, do you need me to wear a low ear mic for the video recording? The other thing is, if you guys are doing this live streaming, can you cut back and forth between my slides and my face, as it's going out live. Can you do that? Cause there is going to be a lot of slides and they will go fairly quickly. OK. Now that we've gotten the business taken care of, let's get down to the real work, which is this subject of 2012, what I will be proposing tonight is definetively not your typical approach to 2012, it is very important to uderstand on an intrinsec level that what we are dealing with is not channeling, it's not mayan prophecy, it is not ancient religious teaching, it is not speculation, it is not psychic. It does not require anything except the exacting measurement of the scientific process and the insight to be able to take information that has already been put out there by NASA, by mainstream scientists studying the mysteries of what it means to be a biological lifeform, the mysteries of the solar system, the mysteries of energy and matter en now does "matter and energy" truly function. When you start looking at the hidden mysteries of science which are already "out there" now you find out that the human species is undergoing a massive evolutionary process right now, and I'm going to prove that to you. I'm gonna prove to you that the nature of this evolutionary process fundamentally re-writes DNA and biological life to such an extreme that within one generation I will show you the proof in this presentation, that a creature can give birth to something that becomes an entirely different species, than the creature that it came out of the womb from. and that there is nothing more that needs to be done to create that energectic change but to simply zap the embryo with a lightwave that comes form another embryo that has the genetic pattern that you wish to transfer. The only way that this makes any sense is to begin seeing DNA as susceptible to quantum wave effects. You may have seen, -most of you have probably seen- "2012 Enygma", which is a video of mine I'm prod to say was number one, most viewed on google December 1st of last year and the reason why it got that way is because the information has rocked the internet. I has led to my getting the starring position on a sci-fi documentary coming out in November, on sci-fi network, it has led to Pinguin contact me to write a book based on the video on of the biggest publishing companies out there. It has led to my working with -iIm going to say this now publicly- Jim Hart who wrote the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, that's our screenwriter. Thank you. I'm working on Wanderer Awakening which is the album covery you see here in the slide with a nine time Grammy winning musician Larry Seyer. The reason why all this big talent and all this attention has been focused here is not because I may have been somebody else in other lifetime, is not because I have done psychic readings, is not because I put prophecies on the internet that were later shown to come true. The biggest thing that I bring to the planet right now is to simply look at ancient prophecies that we know to exist, that we can document in great detail and to then give a scientific framework for these prophecies on such an advanced level that we are looking at things in anentirely different way. So let's get back to 2012 Enygma for a minute, most of you have seen that video you may remembeer that I discussed an experiment that was conducted in which a tiny -what is called- "buckyball" was shot through a grading and the grading is a hundred nanometers wide, the buckyball itself is only about one or two nanometers wide, it goes through the grading and it turns into a wave the buckball itself, which is supposed to be a microscopic object, goes through this little slit and for whatever reason it turns into a non-local wave Now, What does "quantum non-locality" really mean? It means you don't know where the wave is in space, you also don't know where it is on time. Quantum non-locality shows that the more you try to find that where is in time the less you can find it in space, the more you try to find where is in space the less you can find it in time. And if you look into quantum physics equations, it's well known in quantum mechanics that time has to be both backwards, fowards, it has to be completely non linear in a traditional sense. Albert Eisten has given us the theory of relativity. The theory of relativity is going to tell you that when you travel through space, It's not empty space. What did Eisten call "Space"? He didn't call it "space", he called it "Space-time". The reason why he called it "space-time" is, he said, you're moving through something that makes time start to run faster as you go through space. You can literraly be inside a spaceship, leave the earth for two weeks, flying at the speed of light, came back, and it's five hundred years later. We know that this has been proven, it actually was done on jumbo jets flying in the highest altitude they could where they had little watches on them or little radioactive time-keeping devices and they found very subltle but definite changes in the speed of time just based on the velocity of a jet going around earth orbit. So imagine what happens when you go up towards light speed, now this is a proven principle in physics, as you move through space you are also moving through this so called "time-fabric" The space-time fabric as Einstein called it. There was a mistake that Einstein made in his scientific understanding of space-time. It may be a mistake, it may be that he figured it out and he didn't wanna talk about what he discovered. In Einstein relativity theory it is assumed that the only direction you can move is the future, in space-time, the time direction is only one dimesional But we actually now know from he physics of Dewey Larson which you'll also see in my 2012 enygma video. That the whole wave that the quantum world is being built is that there is a domain in which time, as we think of it, is three dimesional and space as we think of it is one dimensional and that world is constantly interchanging energy back and forth with space-time, we call it "time-space" over there; it's "space-time over here". So this time-space realm over there is sending energy into space-time spinning back and forth and that's what creates matter. The reason why this is important is that if you can get over into time-space, then you can actually travel a physical distance and return to space-time, and you have now time-traveled, it is not just the future you can travel into the past, if you are traveling in the direction that the earth is rotating...

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David Wilcock en la conferencia "Awake and Aware"

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