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Jamila's parents interview (iii)

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We talked about the past and now we want to talk... You talked a little bit about the future and your vision for your and your kids' futures. -What do you wish... -What we wish? -Yes, and your vision for your kids' futures. I wish my kids the best. I wish that my children will work and travel abroad. To see life, work to secure a good future, and to have a house of their own. And to get an education, that is the most important thing. Knowledge is power, this is what I know. Like he said, but I do not want my children to travel. If they travel then only to Palestine. To work and learn and help the Palestinians. And to have a house of their own because no one can tell what the future holds. I am sick, their father's sick... No one knows what will happen in the future. But if they were to travel, I want them to go and help the Palestinians because Palestine needs them. Because generations are being raised to go to Palestine. We cannot... He cannot go to Palestine and does not know it. He left when he was young, but I want my children to go to Palestine. And I hope that the day will come and they will live there. Now we want to concentrate more on Jamila. If you can tell us a little bit about her personality and what was... What she likes? Yes, yes, her stories since birth, is she spoiled or not. Honestly we spoiled her when she was a baby, but when she grew up no. She is handling her load, her ambition is to learn as much as possible. She wants to help us but does not know how. She says "Do you want to remain in this rented house? If we owned a house" She likes to have a room of her own, and a computer. She likes to play around comfortably, but she does not want to tell us that. Because she knows we cannot afford it. My daughter has big ambitions. She likes activities, school, and drawing... She is deprived of lots of things... But there are things that she is not deprived of. That is why I want Jamila to finish her education. I do not want to deprive her from her education, and I want her to have a room of her own, toys and a computer. I want her to learn everything in life. And what is her role as your firstborn... -In the house? -Yes. I rely on her to do lots of things, but I sometimes get angry with her. When I am sick or tired, I get angry. But she has a heart of gold, I know I should not get angry but I do. She does all the housework. She cleans, mops... -We rely on her... -Yes, we rely on her to do lots of things. She takes care of her three siblings and prevents them from playing in the street. She tidies up the house, and if we have guests she entertains them. When I take her brother or father to the doctor... -She has a heart of gold. She helps... I depend on her. And her personality... -She has a strong personality, she is a powerful girl. She was not like that when she was younger. But now she is. And she does not like... -She does not like lending her stuff... -She does not like lending her stuff And she does not like jokes. If the boy next door jokes with her, she would slap him in the face. -She does not like joking... -She has a strong personality Very much, and she has big ambitions and no fear. -She is courageous... -We do not worry about her. -She has no fear, she's very brave. -For example, we were at school... -She is confident. If she fights with someone, her friend for example, she will hit her. No matter what, she will hit her, she will get her revenge. She would ask why did she attack me and shout at me? Why do you want me to be silent? They would mock her. She says, this is the way she thinks. The last question, you said that you have a liver disease. Yes, I have Hepatitis C. Could you explain your treatment, and how you have high blood pressure? About four or five years ago I got sick and had a fever. I was in a coma for three days in the hospital. They brought a doctor from the American University. They did tests and did not know what was wrong. Then my doctor Said Haidar in Haifa Hospital... My wife told me, I did not know what was wrong with you I know his story, first he went to Haifa Hospital and stayed there for two months. He stayed in a coma. They gave him 15 shots every day... -And a fever... They did not know the problem, we used to give shots everyday. He was unconscious, in a coma, and he was alone in a room. The doctors were asking if he traveled abroad recently. -I never did... -I told them he did not travel. They did an endoscopy in Al-Sahel hospital. He told me you have had a microbe for a long time, since you were a child. I took the medicine and the cost of each shot was 900 thousand. The shot costs 900 thousand. And before seeing the doctor and diagnosing my case, I had a biopsy in the American Hospital, right? The doctor sent me there and she helped me with the biopsy. -The American Hospital... -They did the biopsy and told us about the disease. -Hepatitis C. -It is a chronic disease. The cost of the shots he used to take was 700 thousand each. They would prevent the diseased area from spreading, but there is always the possibility that it will spread anyway. -I took them for 12 months... -For 12 months. A Kuwaiti woman donated 45 million to him. Do you want to see the medicine? She donated 45 million, and I thank her for that. Because I went to many organizations and they refused to help since the medicine is expensive. And he had to take it every week. At first, he did not know about his sickness. We did not tell him. And I was the one to talk with the doctors. The doctor told me that he will not be cured and that he has had this disease for a while. But he got this infection from outside, and it caused his liver infection. -He knew the symptoms... -He gets spasms when he take the shot. And I shake. -He starts to shake. He cannot eat lots of things. And if he stands for a short time he loses his balance. Until now, if I want to take him to a doctor or to the hospital, they would refuse to give him anything before asking his doctor. They would give him a liver stimulator, that is it. I take him every now and them, every week or so. I take him to a doctor named Mohammed Hamada. He knows his story. He is not allowed to take Panadol, antibiotics, or any medicine. He can only have serum that contains live serum and that is it. But he keeps getting the sypmtoms. -The doctor said that he is in danger... -This area aches. His liver and legs. He cannot tell you the details of his sickness, he feels it... But I know his medicines and condition because I have been following his condition from the beginning. I have been suffering the past five years and still am because we are taking lots of medicines. For me, my kids, and husband. -And thank God that the pharmacy is still giving us the medicines... -Fatima Asa'ad Pharmacy. The one that you went to, Fatima Asa'ad Pharmacy. I also thank her for supporting me, I owe her a large sum of money. I do not want to mention it, but it is huge and I would like to pay her. Al-Somood Children also helped me. But I am clearing my debts and borrowing again. Because my salary is very little. And my children take medicines regularly. I also take very expensive medicines. I am even hospitalized sometimes. I almost had a stroke twice because of blood pressure. My blood pressure reached 21 and I had a nosebleed. But they were minor strokes, God saved me. But I am still in danger and I have to take my medicines. I need 100 thousand monthly only for the pressure drug, not to mention other drugs. And each one of my children suffers from an illness. I ask God to cure them because they have chronic illnesses. I hope that they will be cured and do not suffer any pain because They are sill young and cannot endure the pain. They are affected emotionally when they see their father sick and always tired. He sometimes gets nervous when he is in pain. They ask "Why dad is nervous? Why?". -I feel I am not as active as before... - His life is not normal. He thinks about his family and how to raise his kids... He keeps on thinking I am even more exhausted than he is because I am carrying all the burden. And where is my husband to help? Sometimes when I come home I find him tired and take him straight to the doctor. How to manage my house and take care of my husband and children all by my self? And there is no one to help. I sometimes leave my husband at home with his serum. And I start to think about him and my kids, see? That is why life is very difficult here.

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Jamila's parents are interviewed.

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