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#RemoteAgainstCoronaVirus - Campaign Update 5

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Hello! This is your weekly update from the #RemoteAgainstCoronavirus campaign. And this week, we're very excited to announce that it is Wellbeing Week, Wooo! over at We started this morning with a session on Workstyle and we're going to be running all week lots of independent sessions from experts and practitioners from the field of remote work, wellbeing, mindfulness, physical health, mental health financial health, all being covered during the course of the week. So do join us, over there and you don't need to be a member of RemoteWorkmates just go to the website in order to get involved. And we're also releasing another article this week aren't we? We are, another article this week focussing on the challenge of how do you run an event or a brand or business without coming together physically, events being a particular issue right now, so we have released an article that's going to talk about the value, and the power of community-building and when you remove those physical constraints and focus on community building you focus on what really matters which is the people involved. Watch this space for that article. We've also heard that while some people absolutely love and pore over our ten page articles other people at the moment, just don't have time to read them even though they'd love to so we're going to be launching a weekly free webinar, for people to join in order for us to be able to talk through those articles pull them apart a little bit and give a chance for people to see them and how they apply in real life to their organisation. So watch this space for those webinars coming soon, they'll all be free to join. Thanks very much for tuning in and thank you to the hundreds of people who've already joined us at if you haven't joined us yet, please do check it out See you next week! Wash your hands! Bye!

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Posted by: _kim_nguyen on Mar 31, 2020

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