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Lonnie Ali on Caregiving

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[AARP] [Real Possibilities] ["Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."] [Muhammad Ali] [Lonnie Ali] You start out, you're more of a care partner. But depending on the illness, as it progresses you become a caregiver. [♪ music ♪] [Lonnie Ali on Caregiving] Make sure you find a doctor or a specialist that you can talk to and work with, because they're going to become a very intimate part of your family. We do have a very tight relationship with doctors. Whatever it is, whatever specialist that we need to be speaking with for whatever may be occurring, we have that kind of communication. You develop that kind of communication. You are the person who's gonna be able to communicate the best with the physician. ["Stay in the game"] I have a deep spiritual faith in God, and I know that He put me here for a reason. I firmly believe that. I've always believed that. And He's not gonna let go. He's not gonna let go of my hand. If I need assistance, if I need help, there's no better entity to go to than God. You may be experiencing something with your loved one that someone has already experienced. There's all kinds of support groups within most cities. So I would suggest you reach out to them, so they can give you that help and support and information that you may need. It's important to connect with people. You really have to play the hand that life deals you. And either you can fold, and just it overtake you, or you can stay in the game. And I hope they stay in the game. [Produced by SURGICAL POP CREATIVE AGENCY] []

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Posted by: aarp on May 27, 2014

The wife of Muhammad Ali shares the importance of having support, especially a good doctor or specialist.

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