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hapiness to be returned to red

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May our happiness be returned? The music “May happiness be returned” is played aloud by every national media channel. All those who have their ‘loud voices’ in this society altogether sing to express condolence to the carcass of the buildings, suffered from torching. Is this the voice that reflects the paralyzed thinking and mental perception of Thais in the materialistic world nowadays? My brains and life principles and decision are based on what I base my decision on things and probability. We are the same color! (PONGPAT WACHIRABANCHONG, famous actor) We are not denying the sufferings to be healed but the healing should set priority from human lives, flesh and blood before materials the more they bound their thoughts and minds on materials, the more moral principles are distorted in society likewise, the moral defunct of the ruling government. (song) This is the truth to see, regardless of tireness, how much blood we pay to clean dirt in this society? To the one group of the people viewing death and injury of people from the military rally dispersal with the use of force and ammunitions as normalcy, regardless of how beautifully their explanation is written and how many discourses are sophisticatedly introduced to the society as long as the truth remains, this will lead to more social breakup. FUCK YOU DAMMED, YOU ARE TO DIE FUCK YOU National media, TV and radios bring up the story of healing for those who suffered from the torching and the loss of building, there is no media tellthe society about the loss of lives, injuries and the loss families and effects to the loss from the cruel action of the Abhisit Vejajiva-led government. The mainstream media is overlooking and ignoring the truth as if Thailand has never faced the use of force of the Army to bared handed people. Due to uses of real bullets,weapons, the Army had to use short guns and real bullets to stop them.(COL. SANSERN KHAEWKAMNERD,CRES SPOKESPERSON) Is this the calling from one group of the people in this society, calling for the peace and reconciliation, at the same time, pushing other people to the darkness, leave them to lose their life value and their human dignity? under the distorted moral standards, For how long will it take for us to view the loss and the building carcass, opening only one eye Thank you To every red shirts, democratic fighter To their spirit, flesh and blood and every news source

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Posted by: ratchaya on Jun 9, 2010

red shirt

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