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Felipe Gómez - Empatía Servicio y Humildad

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ATTITUDE This has little to do Felipe Gómez: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Virtuosity Expert. with the technical mastery of what we do, it's more related to the way we behave. So, I'd like to make a question here: What does your music sound like? What does your music sound like? And why do I make this question? I do it because I'm convinced that the attitudes we adopt in life can be related to music, they even sound. As if we had a huge speaker, a huge horn here, and all the time we're playing music that indicates our attitude. Now, the question is: How do we generate a better connection? How do we sound better? So the music we're playing becomes more pleasing to the ears of others. So, here we'll focus on the development of 3 core virtues. Empathy. The first is empathy, ¿right? Understanding the feelings And what is empathy? and emotions of others. It's the capacity to put ourselves in someone else's shoes, of understanding the feelings and emotions of others, it's putting ourselves at the same level of the person we have in front of us to try to anticipate their feelings and needs so that what we say and do can be more intelligent from an emotional point of view. The second important virtue to be developed here is care. Care. It's being entirely at the service of others Putting ourselves at the service of others. without waiting for anything in exchange. And this goes beyond customer care. This is caring for the person we have in front of us: My boss, the person who's serving my coffee, who's shining my shoes, who's driving the taxi, my supplier. Caring, being there, hopefully I'll have the habit of asking someone every day: How can I help you today? How can I give you a hand? And the third virtue, that eventually reinforces and ties together the other 2, is humbleness. Humbleness. Because when we serve with arrogance, Concealing our virtues for others to discover them. we're giving with one hand and taking away with the other. What is humbleness? I found this definition that, to me, is amazing: Concealing our virtues and letting others discover them through what we do and not through what we say. It's leading with the example, being coherent in what we think, say and do. So, I listened to a lot of music trying to find something meaningful, ¿right? That sounded like empathy, care and humbleness. I found several pieces that seemed to match this criterion, but there was a piano sonata by Beethoven, Pathetique, second movement, that, at least to me, it was profoundly moving. And its notes and emotion made me associate it with the 3 virtues of empathy, care and humbleness. I'd like to play a bit for you, and I hope it inspires you the same feeling. And hopefully every time we are together with someone, we'll sound this way. This way we'll have a better connection with them.

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Felipe Gómez - Empatía Servicio y Humildad

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