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If someone manages with Paracetamol then he doesnt need cannabis, ok? So that is the analogy. Ido Gal Razon Combat soldier, disabled IDF veteran Dealing with PTSD, ever since my service Today i live with symptoms the PTSD you are talking about, i live it daily here, ill be your example my tone is my post trauma and to the rooms and the treatments that you put me in with a person that cant listen why? do you know whats happening to me right now? im bursting, the adrenaline, im back in the battle im starting to sweat and shake my brain is transmitting reflexes of distress and danger reflexes that i cant deal with, and the "medicine" you gave me, only made my situation worse our medicine, made me burn my bed outside for my mother to see i burned the bed, i concluded that i will never sleep again in my life why do we have to reach such a situation? now you found for us, for each symptom from this horrible disease how many symptoms are there? dozens of symptoms and they get worse and worse my body started to crash hes (the body) not sleeping, hes not eating, he hasn't got an appetite, hes weak all the medicine, the chemicals that you talked about they are what finished me off in the end they finished me, paralyzed me muscle spasms, heart beatings so hard you think you're about to die and in any case your still in post trauma so the medicine isnt helping now for each symptom, if you want to eat "take this", you want to sleep "take this" medicine for sleep, and medicine for anxiety because they (sleep medicine) raise the serotonin levels in your brain increasing serotonin in the brain, i got MDMA i got ecstasy, thats "drugs" whoever is in the "anti drug use committee" in my opinion, your medicine is "drugs", you paralyzed me today with medical canabis i am able to sleep 3 hours in a night these are things that i wasnt able to do to wake up everyday and change your sheets 3 times a night, and reaching a point where you havent slept in 8 months so ofcourse i will lose it right now, ofcourse i will act this way, ofcourse i will shout who else can i shout at? pay bills to the police, municipality i cant do anything, i cancel myself out you are all looking at me like im a nutcase, im a nutcase right? why am i a nutcase? the current treatment is a failure you dont give us psychological treatment rather no treatment at all, there is no body that addresses us or helps us that reaches a point they can administer cannabis for a wound there is no such thing! what are you doing to us? you give us dozens of medications here are you medications for each symptom and symptom you give us a medication instead of one plant that helps me relax, lets me smile a little, a better attitude lets me sleep three hours a night, and also gives me an appetite gives me an appetite! my parents have reached a point where they hate me because i fought in your army i cant deal with the fact that you deny my brothers brothers that i carry now on a stretcher how can it be that i suffer from ptsd and i need to come here and fight for my brothers carry them because they are bleeding cause they are in psychiatric wards cause you give them injections and god forbid they shout if i shouted like this in the ward they would have tied me up to the bed in wards that you work at! and you would give me an injection that would paralyze me for 48 hours and what damage does it do to the brain? it short circuits the brain come look at my friends the can barely utter a word, its all short circuits their entire brain is short circuited!

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Posted by: liljackass on May 22, 2016


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