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Soy vendedor, Más que una moda una razón de ser - Santiago Gomez

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As the song of Vanessa says Loving you makes you good, and being with ... Here I have to sing, because already with all these talent! It's very difficult Clearly I'm not the singer Or the dancer of the night I am Santiago, your seller It's my turn to close the night I hope I don't crash this plane I hope it goes well Today, I came with this Which is a briefcase, that has accompanied me for 20 years In many things that I have lived and in many stories of success and failures But perhaps more in failures A briefcase that has taught me to be a salesperson And in many times when I introduce myself People say: "the man of the briefcase, the storyteller" I like to introduce myself more, as my grandmother used to say to me. peddler of my heart But the simultaneous translation of that is an ideas salesman Here, we are all Ideas Salesmen In small proportion The salesman has been in the history of mankind And in the history of the world forever And over time I have met many sellers Do you know these gentlemen in the photography? Unfortunately, there was only one woman But well, there were many men I didn't find these.... clearly! These men met 20 years ago, sorry 80 years ago! At the genius convention of '27 And these gentlemen met Being dads and moms of the majorities of modern sciences To share with each other To illuminate each other I've always had that illusion That dream since childhood I always dreamed of stopping in this red tape And we are! doing it!! But also, carrying my briefcase I dreamed of Connect and inspire people But additional to inspire people I dreamed of connecting and inspiring THE WORLD! And in this space, maybe I connect with these gentlemen too Like when they illuminated the world with their ideas These gentlemen, perhaps They were not big entrepreneurs or the best employees of the month... These gentlemen from they worked In academic, political, governmental, industrial organizations Were for my, the biggest sellers in the world thanks to these gentlemen I have learned a lot For my taste, this was like the first TED talk 80 years ago When TED did not even exist And through the history of these gentlemen I want to share with you, the reason To be a salesman of ideas And to inspire you, perhaps to become sellers of ideas A little more contemporary story More real of this company Is through a series of projects That in the last 10 years we have developed A story of a family of sellers Where is the selling mom The lady working with catalog Who is the advisor, the neighbor, the friend, the counselor of other Is an emulator for the society For other women like her that want to be like her What it offers the most, is a job opportunity And is a person who really as a salesperson Inspires others The Salesman The selling dad Who can be the seller of each corner The neighbor, the friend, The mister who knows the little ones and the big ones It is the mister who serves in that community And with a great gift of service With a spirit of service It brings the best for each one And the selling son, that is the son that we have heard from other generations And we also recognize This son seller with his faithful partner With his faithful friend Shares differently things Speak to the world He says: what he likes, and don't like What do he eats, how do he eat it And it's really a challenge for us as an organization to understand it... And know how to connect with it him so, we can sell the ideas, that we want as a company To the world I start to see all the stories of sellers And watching the great stories The great stories I say: this story to be a seller It's a very complicated story It's not easy to be a salesman and in fact if I start thinking what is the most difficult thing to accept in this company to these salesman ideas It's precisely because Thanks to them, we have succeeded in building, developing, and dreaming A totally different company Really believe me it's not easy to be a salesman Have any of you met a salesman here? Have any of you sold anything? And have you sold ideas, right? Many times We don't even have to sell ideas We have to buy ideas from others And build with those others, other great things That's why I ask you to think hard In your role and responsibility in this company You don't necessarily have to carry your suitcase But from your heart, you have to connect very well With that reason At least those who have one day in the company That row over there I don't know them But I'll meet you in a little bit I know you are going to remember a lot Of this first moment Because this role and responsibility in this company It is a gigantic responsibility Then... Carry the briefcase daily That's the reason for being, is not easy Tell the stories, value the ideas And develop different things In my life I found with that briefcase In fact it was the first thing I sold in my life A briefcase made in colombian "guadua" (bamboo) And whenever I carried the briefcase the people ask me the same question: How do I mix it with? Because mixing a briefcase with the outfit is not so easy In fact, if I wear heels I would have more problems But the truth, I was more thinking if I wanted to live my life Wearing a tie, or wearing sneakers Tie for me means, work for an organization Accept a challenge like these Start a career Become CEO Make big decisions And have great responsibilities And the sneakers, maybe for me - These are from my son, and he told me that they would give me luck - I hope That they give luck, and don't give me bad smell Is to break the world go further Break borders Dare to meet different people Suddenly catch those ideas outside and bring them to the interior And become an entrepreneur and start your own business I'm not saying that one, or another way is the right one I think if there is a midpoint Where we can take advantage of these two things In two paths, the constant will always be failure And believe me that I have failed so much in my life With four marriages on More than six children This is another story from another TEDx And I'm not going to lengthen But really, it's a very long story But really, failure is a constant In all those worlds And I believe that what I have learned in this organization Is that being in a midpoint If we can bring the benefits of these two things To be an entrepreneur and be a developer of new things And become a great CEO of this company This concept summarizes in part Something that you have been hearing Suddenly not in these talks But maybe you have heard it from other talks Which is to become a business entrepreneur Or an "intrapreneur" That is possible in this organization Believe me, it's really possible The other is that we have heard tons of stories That we have to change and transform And when one begins to think, what is this transformational change? Because it has a very clear symbolism And that is important Let's say, meet, cooperate with others But not associating with equals here all or you are like with blond hair and blue eyes they brush from left to right we look very similar we usually look very similar we talk very similar but the issue of cooperation is precisely, looking for totally different things looking for different people maybe people who are not in here who is not here stopping this story what's out there thought this organization differently and bring those people inside to build with us that is the second great message I wanted to share and the great lesson I've taken and is that in this company it's possible to cooperate Johnson has such a big endorsement and has such a giant name that when we speak through this company this looks like honey things get stuck I was going to tell the flies, but ... things get paid, people stick is an organization that has this magic and has that power to catch people I think with all this and 20 years of stories in the briefcase history would take another course if I couldn't tell you who I'm and most of these TEDx, are to talk about what you are I have seen all my collegues talk and to all, I give you infinite thanks because this talk wouldn't have been the same if you had not started everything they did was totally wonderful and really that's what inspires me and that's what personally makes me get up every day to come to this office to meet these people all these gentlemen that you heard speak are totally great sellers of ideas beacuase, they believein that and believe that for this organization that is important I work with many others here is a particular case that I promised to do there are people of a new talent of a new generation that are bringing a different way of seeing things here is a friend who is a kind of engineer with great purposes in life a social engineer that develops prosthesis with printers in third dimension for people who don't have the power or the faculty to have those benefits within your life history we also have the history of great gymnasts I don't say Olympians, but they are great gymnasts great artists who have taught me that it is possible to reveal myself before this statu quo and to believe in what you are, and to fight for that this lady clearly was not 15 years because she was in a bed could not lift, today has many screws and plates both the man of the prosthesis like the lady in the back will be here in the next TEDx and they are going to talk that's what they promised me! don't you? and the singer who you already listened that for sure with their stories she sells us another way to see this world Johnson and to believe that that is important to us to express it to the world all that I have materialized I have lived it, I have felt it in my life for a simple and simple reason beacuase I want that my son Matías to be a salesman and it hasn't been easy, there they see it in the photo he wants to be a doctor he says that I'm Mr. Johnson and I produce shampoo and when I say, no, this is from doctors so I do not buy the idea he keeps saying I make shampoo soups but Matías wants to be a doctor for a reason and is suffering from heart disease I lost two children, before Matías arrived and Matías because clearly I have been totally focused in attending his difficulty, his medical thing When I told him about heart disease and has listened to many doctors talk about the story He says, I want to be a doctor because I want to save hearts. and so in the drawings he makes always paints the puppet with a big heart whenever I listen to the heart of Matthias this is from his last electrocardiogram I start thinking, well, is it faster? slower than mine it be a more revolutionary heart? Will he be able to change the world? I do not know how fast is mine or how slow what always Matias remembers me and whenever I go to his electrocardiograms he always has a huge smile it doesn't matter how fast or how slow beat your heart is how that thing that beap or how are your feelings? and how is the purpose of this organization? and you within this organization and selling your ideas to a number of collegues here believing in that matter that make you very very very happy really, it doesn't even matter if we wear ties in a big organization or sneakers.. if we are big entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs not even matter, if you are scientific or crazy or we are meeting in the convention of '27 sharing ideas what really matters to this organization is that here there are no borders here there are no millenials, no centennials, no baby "bumpers" as they said to the last little ones here there is not a single type of people, we are all the same and heard it from Federico you heard him say about a person who is just beginning to live and has all that knowledge of the world we are a generation who called us as the generation of love that we believe in that language, the language of love that we believe that like the "Chapulín Colorado" we have a shield that defends us for everything and for that same reason is that I'm standing right here, trying to share with you that today, our reason for being and our role and our responsibility it's not just like idea sellers you are like sellers of heart!! Thank you very much!!!

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