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Seth Shostak on Colbert Nation Part II

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and now the Sun is just like this little star out on the edge of this mingle little galaxy among hundreds of millions of galaxies in an endlessly spanding universe which may or may not being here for fourteen million years why search for another thing to bump me out? yeah, well... if we're not the only intelligent life form... the alternative to that is "you're alone" if this is it ,this is the best the Universe has to offer I think we're pretty good sorry Sir, I'm not one of the "blame humanity first" crowd I'm a big fan of me well, that could be I mean it could be that we are as many of my nieghboors, the smartest ones on the galaxy it could be, but that would make this a miracle or we've got here first may be but maybe we were the first to evolve or intelligently designed possible but unlikely, look the Earth is one third of the age of the Universe, the Universe had ten billion years without us, without the Earth right?, and you think it was just sitting there and doing nothing? it was waiting yeah it was an expected mother with it's first child to come along what happens if do you search?..with what do you search? well one thin we use is big antenas, we do what Jodie Foster did in the movie "Contact", we use big antenas act? act to the attempt to be attracted to Matthew McConaughey? that's probably too much no, we'll use these antenas to try to pic up signals that may be washing over us as we see in the movie so, any nibbles? well, this is one of those experiments were nibbles doesn't count, it's either "it" or is "not it" and so far it's been "not it" so what do you mean that nibble doesn't count? is there nothing that go like "we are not sure what that is but we like to look at it again"

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Posted by: southseeker on May 23, 2009

Dr. Shostak talks about his latest book: "Confessions of an Alien Hunter" and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

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