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The Zeitgeist-Movement NY Chapter Lu3 & Jonathan & Hans On The Radio Omega Show

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Hans: Welcome Jonathan and Lu3 Hans: lu3 and Jonathan Hans: Welcome to Radio Show Omega Lu3: Hey, Hans how are you? Lu3: Thanks for having me on your show Hans: Very good, Very good Jonathan: Hey,thanks for inviting to this show. Hans: Thats fine Hans: um what were going to be having, Hans: what were going to be discussing is there travel into Hans: what i call travel into conscientiousness. Hans: General the term conscientiousness is defined sometime loosely Hans: but this spectacular situation Hans: are these young kids Hans: umm are you know in their adolescent life Hans: um as they become men Hans: they already are Hans: they already are looking at the world Hans: in a very complex way, and so in fact Hans: it gives us an opportunity, to address that with them Hans: and um they are looking at the world Hans: in terms of problems that exist Hans: and how they see themselves Hans: where they situated themselves Hans: in terms of this problems Hans: so guys how are you guys doing this morning? Jonathan: im doing fine Hans: good Hans: why don't we start with lu3 Hans: since your older Hans: so lu3 why don't you tell us Hans: your trip into what i just mentioned Hans: your trip into conscientiousness Hans: and um why is it your here Lu3: yea i would like to start off my introducing my self. Lu3: For those of you who have no idea who I am Lu3: the name is lu3 Lu3:I reside in the Bronx, NY Lu3: I’m also proud to say that I’m a member of the NY state chapter of the Zeitgeist movement. Lu3: You know I believe there comes a time in one’s life. Lu3: when one has to ask himself what really matters in life. Lu3: you know besides being successful in life you know like having big car and a big house. I believe even before I heard of the Zeitgeist Movement, Zeitgeist Addendum, Lu3: I always Sensed that things didn’t seem right, Lu3: the way it was always told to us; Lu3: for example Lu3: i always wondered why is it that some were born poor and others rich Lu3: you know it never seemed right Lu3: with the abundance of food in supermarkets Lu3: to kids being advertised on tv with the need of food to survive. Lu3: But then i came across the Zeitgeist Movie Lu3: Lucky enough was presented to me Lu3: by one of my professors Lu3: and i gotta tella this movie really blowed my mind. Lu3: It changed my whole perspective of thinking and seeing the world. Lu3: It first toke some time to adjust, Lu3: but its not everyday Lu3: that you find out that your last 16 years Lu3: of your life was supposedly a lie and a fake Lu3: so yea but not only did i realize that we where slowly killing each other. Lu3: but we as one species in the same planet basically have the same problems. Lu3: so i have came to my conclusions Lu3: to support the Zeitgeist Movement Lu3: and for its proposals. Lu3: because to me it sounded like the right way of living Lu3: so till this day i have been devoting my time Lu3: to finding the right way of living Lu3: also just recently i joined the NY State Chapter Of The Zeitgeist Movement Lu3: and so far i have meet some great like minded people like myself Lu3: i have to say there's nothing better in the world then working with others to promote world peace. Lu3: and a better future for all future generations. Hans: interesting Hans: so how old are you lu3 Lu3: im 18 Hans: very good Hans: and so now your concerns Hans: are world peace Hans: umm so stopping hunger Hans: and what else Lu3: I'm interested in a creation of sustainable society Lu3: which includes ending war, poverty, crime Lu3: have you heard of the book called Looking Backwards. Hans: no i haven't Lu3: its really a great book, it's by Edward Bellamy Lu3: and in this book his talks about Lu3: the future world after the transition from a Free Market to a Resource Based Economy Lu3: something similar to what social engineer Jacque Fresco has been working on most of his life. Lu3: a group of historians looked back at this time, Lu3: and would say wholly shit their making materials and selling them for Lu3: corporation profit over and over again, Lu3: with absolutely no reference to what the planet had. Lu3: and recycling protocols and everything else Lu3: also burning fossil fuels at a millions times a rate at their actually renewability Lu3: you know and it's true Lu3: their going to laugh at us wondering what kinda hell primitive dumb ass species we actually were. Lu3: even if we actually survive to reach that point. Hans: Ok Hans: so in other words, Hans: you feel that umm the abuse of what happens in the world Hans: is where many of us or Hans: at least those that control these diverse power Hans: are just putting every one else at risk , Hans: is that how you see it ? Lu3: yes Hans i do Hans: Ok well let's see what Jonathan has to say. Hans: Jonathan good morning Jonathan: good morning Hans: how are you? Jonathan: good Hans: 0k and how old are you Jonathan ? Jonathan: 15 Hans: Ok go ahead Jonathan: alright i live in the Bronx, NY Jonathan: I'm part of Zeitgeist NY State Chapter Jonathan: well i like to see Jonathan: basically that I'm part of the Zeitgeist Movement, Jonathan: because i want see a change in the world Jonathan: because obviously the society were currently in is really sickening Jonathan: and i believe we need some change Jonathan: and i believe the Zeitgeist Movie, Jonathan: and movement was really a mind blower for me Jonathan: because it really showed, Jonathan: answered a lot questions i had basically about like 911 Jonathan: why things are happening Jonathan: so yea i believe the Zeitgeist Movie is really a Jonathan: opening door way to conscientiousness Jonathan: to many of the people Hans: interesting Hans: so in other words the movie has crystallize a few things Hans: for you and at this point um you as a 15 year old Hans: feel engaged in umm to such a indenver to umm ask greater questions Hans: to begin to look at the world in a much more different way Jonathan: yea of course Hans: I see Hans: umm so what else do you see ? Hans: I mean how do you fit in with the other kids at your age Hans: that really are not looking at the world in its complexity Jonathan: well it seems like when Jonathan: i try to spread the word about Jonathan: what i have learned it seems that they reject me Jonathan: as the society tends to do Jonathan: so yea its harder for them to intake the knowledge Jonathan: that i have for conscientiousness; Jonathan: so yea there's really a problem there trying to Jonathan : get the masses to wake from this illusion that Jonathan: we have in this society Hans: you think were living in the great part a sorta of a world Hans: of illusion is that what you think Jonathan : yea kinda Hans: In which way do think Hans: that is could you define that ? Jonathan: is like people in power have placed Jonathan: an illusion on the people so they Jonathan: keep thinking of the American Dream is the reality, of the poverty, crime,and the wars so yea Hans: so you guys think that crime can be eliminated Hans: and wars can be eliminated you think that's a possible reality ? Hans: as far as your concern Jonathan: umm well i see the monetary system as one of the key factors Jonathan: that produces scarcity that produces; people tend to rob, and steal Jonathan: So that's one of the major crimes here Hans: in other words lack of money or the fact that money is being used in the society Hans: and umm which promotes a tremendous amount of scarcity Hans: and so it varies and those that have these money's Hans: they feel the need to now go get what they want is that what your saying Jonathan: yes Hans: Oh ok alright Hans: so umm how do you guys feel about now your presenting your world view Hans: in terms of umm your world view cannot be Hans: you know complete at this point could it? Hans: you guys are just beginning a process Lu3: i agree Hans Lu3: we have started you know just a few years ago heard of the Zeitgeist Movement Lu3: so yea we're basically starting a process on a greater path Lu3: which is going to take time. Lu3: but basically we're aware of the fundamentals in which the world works. Lu3: so yea Hans: oh ok Hans: umm you guys want to have a closing statement Hans: to say exactly what you would like to see in the world ? Hans: you know for everybody to get a full grip in terms of what, Hans: you know what you feel and what you see ? Jonathan: alright i would like to see in the world is for more people to be Jonathan: aware of the situation that is occurring in this society Jonathan: so we can make a change now before its to late Hans: Ok so you like to see greater conscientiousness in the world Jonathan: yes Hans: for people to be more concern not just about their own families Hans: but about the world as a whole Jonathan: yeap Hans: ok umm lu3 what about you? Hans: what would you like to see? Lu3: umm basically a person has to you know find within himself Lu3: the right way of living and be conscience you know ask questions , Lu3: critical thinking Hans: interesting Lu3: you know Venus Project proposes you know greater things Lu3: at times people you know might add or subtract Lu3: but it proposes a better life and takes in considers the environment, Lu3: but right now we're killing it and if we continue on this path we're not going to last very long Hans: well very good, umm you know, umm i guess i can certainly add Hans: to what your saying to everybody, to my interpretation in which Hans: you just sayed is to become more aware and concern of our interaction with not only each other Hans: but also the environment you see that as a process Hans: where by the greater understandment we have for the environnement Hans: well be our understandement of the world as you know as one Hans: where we are protecting something that is not only value Hans: but also towards in its undoing, protecting life and Hans: developing the sense of sustainability and that gives us a lot things that you guys Hans: are concerned with for people to look at in terms of monetary system Hans: where most people don't see the monetary system as something Hans: that is something outside of their world they see it as part of Hans: there world right now, but something that is interesting in most people i guess, Hans: but whats important is that you have spoken about , Hans: you young kids that umm are becoming men Hans: and are looking at the world in its complexities and we really Hans: appreciate the time that you guys shared with us today Hans: and hopefully we well have another talk again So Lu3 and Jonathan you know thank you very much for coming on Jonathan: ok no problem Hans: take good care Lu3: alright bye

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The Zeitgeist-Movement NY State Chapter Lu3 & Jonathan being interviewed by Hans On his Radio Omega Show, also a member of the NY State Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement. Topic being discussed: Travel To Consciousness.

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