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Contraband (2012)

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[chopper blades] You were the best of the best. But the proudest day of my life was when you turned legit. You started a family, and you got out of that life. [cell phone rings] What's goin' on? Chris - come home. It's my brother. (Chris) What happened Andy? (Andy) I was runnin' somethin'... ...and I dumped the baggage. (Chris) When I stopped doin' runs, you promised me you were gonna stay out of it. (Andy) They're gonna kill me. (Kate) They're not going to kill you. I was hopin' you'd understand, it's family, maybe we could work somethin' out. I'll give you two weeks. If not, I'm going to come after the both of you. I'll come asking your wife for it, your kids... (Chris) Do you think you're the only guy with a gun? If you ever mention my wife and my kids, again, you are done. You know what's going on, if you don't pay it. You know the rules, right? I got to try to fix this. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. So what are we running? Currency. 15 million on four stacks. Like the size of a Mini Cooper. Where you gonna hide it? Where is the faith? I lost my stripes now, I gotta start from scratch? (woman) Have you ever been convicted of espionage, sedition or treason? Together? They're running something on my ship. Could be big. (Chris) Takes money to make money. [someone woots] Esto bueno. No, it's no bueno. [cell phone rings] Say goodbye to your wife. (Chris) I'm comin'. I'm comin' for you! ♪ [Lil Wayne - "The Game"] ♪ We're goin' to war. Here we go. Open the container! Where is my wife! Tell him not to dump it in the water. (Chris) You will never find that money. Pull the trigger! ♪ Throwin' blood in the air, leavin' blood on the ground ♪ [Captions by]

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Posted by: ccwebguy on Dec 17, 2011


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