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Wedding on Wheels

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What may be the perfect touch for a bride and groom on the go. This is a story, I guess, for couples getting married who don't have the time to get married. Barbara Pinto has found a wedding chapel that will come to you. It is a little church that makes housecalls. Do you have rings? There's the Vegas wedding.... I do. Then there's this. Reverend Darrell Best and his family have come up with the rural alternative. We'd like to see it as bringing Las Vegas to the midwest. Or anywhere else, for that matter. It's called the Best Man, a wedding chapel on wheels. For a fee.... 200 dollars plus two dollars mile round trip. ... the Best Man will roll anywhere, in pursuit of wedded bliss. This is wedding at the Illinois State Fair. This is a biker wedding. The former fire truck was born again as a chapel, thanks to the make-over show "Trick My Truckā€. We have two custom-built pews. Stained glass windows, and a sound system disguised as a pipe organ. All now parked on the shores of Lake Shelbyville. Well, are we ready? Yeah, we are ready. For Karen Blackheader and Greg Mathis, the aisle is a parking lot. The alter, a fender. Do you now promise to have Karen to be your wedded wife? I do. I now pronounce you husband and wife. Seal your vows with kiss. I love it. I'm not ashamed. I think it's wonderful. People want to get married, and they want to get married their own way, a lot of people do. Not everybody wants the traditional church wedding. When the Best Man isn't stirring up love, it's creating a stir. Never seen anything like this. But it's definitely different. Love me tender.... The wedding chapel may drive off, but love is here to stay. I love you, too. Barbara Pinto, ABC news, Shelbyville, Illinois

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 30, 2011

An enterprising minister brings the chapel to you!

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