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fy14 q1_v2

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[TEXT100] Hi, everyone. Here we are the end of the first quarter of FY14 and we're off to a fantastic start. Took a little bit of a bump in the road at the beginning of the year with BlackBerry, but I think things have stabilized remarkably right now. And as you will see in the video, I am incredibly excited about the clients we've won, the awards we've brought in, and the kind of coverage that we have achieved on behalf of our clients. As we enter the second quarter, there's going to be a major focus on training. How do we get the integrated communications thinking and learning ingrained throughout the business? So I hope that you will embrace the many training courses that we're going to be delivering and do just as we've talked about—think differently, take risks, come up with different sort of solutions, have different conversations with your clients than you have traditionally. It's going to be a great second quarter. I'm excited. I hope you enjoy this video and I thank you, as ever, for all of your incredibly hard work. [FY14 Q1 Business Update] [♪ Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound" ♪] [Sales & Marketing] [Brand] [We Won New Clients] [Awards] [APAC] [SABRE Awards] [2013 Asia-Pacific SABRE awards Lenovo team won the Regional award for their work in Elevating Lenovo's Corporate Image] [Text100 Australia topped the Technology Industry B2B category for its Truth Behind the Trends campaign for IBM Australia] [Finalists in total of 8 categories] [Finalist in PRIA 2013 Text100 and Budo for Peace - Not for Profit] [PR Report (Australia): Top 25 agencies Text100 Australia - #23] [Awards] [NA] [Crain's New York Business Best Place to Work] [Text100 placed 16th in Uwire's Top 25 PR Firms on Social Media] [Eight entries submitted for the PR Week Awards and additional eight will be submitted for the Holmes IN2 SABRE Awards] [We Enhanced Our Digital Profile] [facebook - Page Likes: 1,606] [LinkedIn - Text100 Brand Page Followers: 3,026 - Text100 Group Members: 467] [Hypertext - New Blog Posts: 20] [Google+ - In our circles: 261 people - In other people's circles: 292] [6,958 Twitter Followers] [Our Socially Active Logo] [November] [Halloween] [September 11th] [The Royal Baby] [Summer] [FY14 Celebration] [New Logos for Our LinkedIn Group] [Speaking Opportunities] [EMEA - ICCO] [APAC - Praxis 2013 - Content Strategy & Marketing Conference 2013] [NA - Council of PR Firms - PRSA International Conference - Type-A Parent Conference - Text100 Networking Events in Boston and LA] [Great Coverage] [♪ music ♪] [Integrated Campaign for Staples] [New EMEA Business Development Manager - Jennifer Christie joins EMEA and becomes part of the Global Sales & Marketing team] [Sarah Mackenzie - Megan Rosier - Peter DiBart - Jason Clarke] [People] [FY14 Global Training Plan Developed] [Offsites: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Greater China] [Attendance at B2B Marketing Conference] [Digital Certification Round Three] [82% of Us Are Certified!] [Global Text Factor Awards] [Proposition] [New Client Training Courses Developed] [New Suppliers] [Progress on Our Digital Acquisition Strategy] [Discussions with One Company Continue] [Profitability] [Revenue: 5,533K (202K Below Budget) - Exceeded Gross Margin 0.2% - Exceeded Operating Profit by 2%] [Key Highlights: On Budget Year-to-Date - Year End Audit is Complete - No Audit Points - EMEA Business Tools Launch in Early December] [IT] [Global email archive data being exported to the cloud for lower costs and easier management.] [New global system developed to speed and simplify the process of reimaging or replacing old laptops.] [Our Integrated Comms Plan] [Under Way!] [FY14 Global PLAN - H1] [Cheers to Us!] [applause and cheering] [We are Text100] [applause and cheering] [TEXT100] [applause and cheering]

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fy14 q1_v2

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