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We must raise Human Consciousness.

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Individual human beings have become so phenomenally powerful. Empowered by technology. If now human consciousness does not rise, the world will go towards destruction. What ten thousand men can do or could not do a thousand years ago, one man can do today. When such an empowerment has come, raising human consciousness becomes absolutely vital. If that doesn't happen, we are definitely heading for destruction. According to United Nations, by 2050 we will be 9,6 billion people. If we are 9,6 billion people, what it means is: all of us have to exist here with 40% less ressources than what we have right now. When I say ressource, I'm not talking about oil. I'm not talking about gold. I'm not talking about something else. I'm talking about water, the air that you breathe, the food that you eat. Above all, air and water. Every minute you are taking approximately 12 to 15 breaths. Try to do 4 breaths or 5 breaths less than what you're doing right now How it feels? That is how our children's lives will feel in 40 years time on this planet. This is our legacy for the future generations. Unless we wake up and do something sensible now. Ecology is not the problem. Human being is the problem. Isn't it? Don't try to fix the world. If you and me are fixed, the world would be fine, isn't it? So, raising human consciousness is the most vital thing to be done on the planet right now. For the first time in human history we have all the necessary ressources, capability and technology to address every human problem on the planet. The only thing that's missing is: Inclusive Consciousness in human beings. So, the most important thing that needs to happen right now, urgently, is: raising of human consciousness. If this doesn't happen, everything is wasted upon us. This is something that everybody has to pay attention to: raising of human consciousness. Making human beings a more Inclusive Consciousness is extremely important, otherwise our very capability will become disastrous. It is no more a question of capability. It is only a question of willingness. If you and me are willing, we can make this happen. Let us make it happen.

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Country: India
Language: English
Producer: Isha Foundation
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Posted by: crisrich on Nov 18, 2012

Short video about the urgent need to raise Human Consciousness.

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