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Welcome to Scratch Day 2011

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Hi, I'm Mitch Resnick. And I'm Karen Brennan. We're so happy that you're joining us to be a part of Scratch Day today. Today, people all over the world are getting together for Scratch Day events, like yours, where they can meet with other Scratchers, share experiences and stories about how they've been using Scratch, and also learn from one another. Here at the MIT Media Lab we're so excited by the range of projects that Scratchers are creating. From games, to stories, to animations, to art, the diversity of projects is completely amazing. We've been really excited about all of the ways people have been sharing their Scratch projects and their Scratch expertise with one another. When we look at the Scratch website, we see people sharing and collaborating in all sorts of ways. We see them working in teams to make projects. We see them building on each other's work, remixing each other's projects, and making a wide range of creations that no individual could ever have done themselves. We love the sharing that we're seeing online. But what we love about Scratch Day is the sharing that takes place face to face. When people get together, there are all types of opportunities to learn from one another. So as you're there at Scratch Day, we hope you'll take a look at what others are doing and learn from them, and also, share what you're doing to help other people learn from you. Thank you so much for being a part of Scratch Day. We hope you have a wonderful day. Have a great Scratch Day.

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Scratch Day is a worldwide network of gatherings, where people come together to meet other Scratchers, share projects and experiences, and learn more about Scratch.

Created by Krista Shapton, HGSE TIE student, for ScratchEd internship

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