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first video

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Oh! Sorry didn’t see you there I was just working on girlchan in paradise 4 So, I’m here to tell you a little update about my stuff Girlchan is coming up but also that I have PO Box that you can mail stuff to me if you want to do that because I like physical letters. For example here’s a letter that I got from a fan thanks! Also some people have sent some cool things like a for example, evident holly sent me this lovely alien hominid, it’s so adorable it’s cute. Also they sent me some Ramune® which is a Japanese soda, you should pick it up at your local orient market Or umm.. Also this are just some ideas for stuff because whenever I go to conventions and whatever people are like “hey I made some stuff for you” so here’s a thing that a fan named Michi made me, it’s a little Ken Star and I love it and I make out with it. So, if you want to send me anything fan art or just a letter saying hey I like your things here’s a quote from one of my movies. Sent that or you can send whatever, I don’t even give a shit. Send me a game you want me to play or like fucking I don’t know, send me more Ramune® because I can’t get enough of this shit, I’m serious though I’m not being sarcastic, I love it. And also I have new shirts available on sharkrobot .com/egoraptor there’s the link, there it is, right there. I can even give you the PO Box address, so here it is. It’s Egoraptor at PO Box 901960, Palmdale, California 93590 Its right, here it is, I’m going to and then it gets bigger. So I hope you have a wonderful day, I'm going to keep working on Girlchan and umm Sequeltitties.

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Posted by: redorino on Mar 21, 2012

this will be my first subtitled video

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