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Hey Everybody, How’s it going? 嘿!乡亲们,最近还好吗? For the next lot of classes 在接下来的系列课程中 I’m going to do a whole series on happiness 我将同大家深入地探讨下关于幸福快乐的话题 Instead of just doing you know 我们不打算制作老式的 the same old standard English classes 标准英语口语课 Like introductions 比如各种介绍啊吧啦吧啦 We’ll do something a little more interesting and meaningful 我们要做的更有趣、更有意义 So the classes will be interesting 所以课程将会很有趣滴 and you get to learn English as well 同时还能顺便把英语学了 Perfect! 很赞吧! First thing I want you to ask yourself 首先让我们摸着良心问自己一个问题 Am I happy? 我快乐吗? Maybe some of you don’t even know the answer to this question 对于这个问题,可能你们有些人还答不上来吧 But let me ask you one more question 不要紧,我再问你一个 Do you want to be happy? 你想要快乐吗? Of course you want to be Happy! (这不F话嘛)你当然想要快乐! Everyone wants to be happy 是人都想要快乐 We all want to be happy 我们都想要快乐 I want to be happy 我想要快乐 You want to be happy 张三想要快乐 He wants to be happy 李四也想要快乐 The guy on the boat out there wants to be happy 你瞅瞅船上的那个骚年,他想要快乐 The girl strutting down the corridor 再看看那个满脸涂粉、一身华服 With all her fancy makeup and her nice clothes on 在走廊里趾高气扬的女生 She wants to be happy 她也想要快乐 Your grandma wants to be happy 你家里的老奶奶,她同样想要快乐 So the question really should be 那么……问题来了 How do I become happy? 我怎样才能得到快乐呢? Thank you very much 好,感谢您的收看 I hope you enjoyed this lesson 希望客官喜欢这堂课 See you next time 欲知后事如何,且听下回分解

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Small for subtitling

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