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Get Real!

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Get Real! Godfrey Bloom tells it like it is! I love coming here, it's so amusing. The regulation factory. I've just looked through the headings under the Commission’s annual policy strategy and it starts with ‘growth and jobs’. You know, to be honest, the place would be very much better served to talk about growth and jobs if at least more than 1% of this Chamber had had any experience at all of commerce. I am a businessman and I can understand growth and I can understand jobs. Sadly, the more you regulate, the more you legislate, the less likely you are to produce growth and jobs. Which is why GDP growth in Europe is positively dire and it's taking off in the rest of the world – China, India, the subcontinent. We're even beaten by North America. So, I would suggest that if we want growth and jobs, we get our faces out of the people and let them get on with it, without interference from this place. Sustainable Europe? Well, you know, again, fascinating, isn't it? We talk about the global footprint, we talk about all this sort of nonsense, the fact that the globe hasn't warmed actually for 10 years – – the science is thrown out of the window. If anybody wants to take any serious look at global science and global warming and climate change, they'd see that, actually, most informed, not politically-biased, scientists regard the fact that we will actually have a colder planet by 2050, not a warmer one. But that doesn't suit our book, does it? Because we like to tax and we like to regulate. And now we look at managed migration. Well, dear, oh dear. As an Englishman, I can tell you: managed migration? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. We've had a million people come into our tiny little overcrowded island in the last year. Please, please, please, will this place, just for once, get real! :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Jul 14, 2010

Godfrey Bloom tells it like it is in the European 'Parliament'

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