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AKG DMS70 Digital Wireless Microphone System - Review

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♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing] AKG's DMS70 comes in both a quattro version which is four channels with XLR audio balanced out, and a dual version that's 2 channels, with TRS balanced out. The real big story here is uncompressed, high-quality, 24-bit, digital audio. Pretty incredible.

When you're working down in the 500 600 MHz audio bands, in order to squeeze the audio into those small frequency sections you have to compress the sound, and that's the way all wireless microphones have been done for many many years. But up in the 2.4 GHz band, we can go uncompressed. That means 24-bit, 48K audio, uncompressed, super high quality and that's what AKG represents is quality.

These are also available at an incredible price. So let's take a quick look at 'em. First of all, we have a D5 capsule on the handheld. Handheld, very convenient, very easy to hold. And what's also easy is matching this transmitter up with the receiver. I simply press a button and the transmitter and the receiver talk to each other. Set a channel, agree on a channel and it's locked in. If I shut the transmitter off, the receiver remembers that so that the next time I turn the transmitter on, that same transmitting channel is used. We can run up to 8 systems. That would be 4 of the duals, or 8 of the quattro systems.

They also have... a beltpack. Beltpack, again, fairly standard, will remember the channels so they'll communicate together. Just press the button and lock 'em in. One of the really cool features of the D70 system is that if you shut off the receiver, the transmitter will automatically shut off. So there's bi-directional communication going on here. So that's really cool. You just shut off the receivers and, boom, the transmitters also get shut off, so you don't have a battery problem on that.

So you've got high-quality audio with the D70, incredible price point, the ability to go with a 4 channel version here you can rack up a couple of these for a total of your 8 channels.

The systems come, typically, with 1 tansmitter on a dual, and 2 transmitters on a uh, quattro system. So it's easy to add transmitters. They're very reasonably priced. So it's expandable, high-quality and affordable, from AKG ♪♫♪♫..........[Music playing]

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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jul 6, 2012

Uncompressed high-quality, 24-bit digital audio is the big story behind the AKG DMS70. Ron Simonson, CEO of CCI Solutions reviews this wireless microphone system. Run up to 8 systems simultaneously. One cool feature is bi-directional communication. If you shut off the receivers, the transmitters senses that and also shuts down.

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