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Family Network on Disabilities of Florida-Rich La Belle-Bay News 9-Everyday Hero

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♫♪♫♪♫ Every week at this time we introduce you to regular people doing etraordinary things in their community to help others. Today you'll meet a man who fights for disabeld rights and as Bay News 9 Lee Moodie shows us he knows the challenges they face all too well. Here's today extra on Everyday Heroes report: Our job is to reach out to everybody with disabilities and their families. That's our mission. When Rich LaBelle talks with families at the Family Network on Disabilities of Florida. He's able to put himself into their shoes both of Richie's sons were born with disabilities None of our family had ever experienced anything like that none of our friends had ever experienced anything like that and we didn't know who to turn to. So Rich turned to the grass roots civil rights organization They work with disabled people of all ages. Our job starts over every single day when a child with a disablility is born or a person has a disabling incident He initially became a support parent and is now the Executive Director Rich says it's an honor to fight for people and their families every day People like Alice Hunt. They provide and invaluable service to the community, they have to our family. She says LaBelle's support has helped ensure 13 year old son recieves a good education They have provided our family with a tremendous service. In terms of educating us about Federal law IDEA and the laws that protect students with disabilities They've also provided support through the help of advocates He is on of the primay reasons that when go to the polls now as a blind person I can vote independently. Douglas Town of the Disabilities Relations Group has worked with LaBelle over the years to change public policy. He says LaBelle is very hands on. That's why a lot of people who know Rich see him as a hero Because he really is in the trenches, he really is in the room, making a difference Thank you very, very much, we really appreciate it. But LaBelle says he has a lot of help. Our people are tremendously dedicated, tremendously commited and we do make a positive difference in peoples lives every single day. He calls them the real heroes. With an extra on Everyday Heroes, Lee Moodie, Bay News 9. Each year, Bay News 9 together with Outback Steakhouse honors all of our heroes in our community with a salute to everday heroes luncheon. And each year you get to help select one of the award winners It's our viewers choice category and the finalists are listed on our website So go to, vote for the person you think best describes an Everyday Hero. That person and several others will be honored at the luncheon later this year. While you're there, email us, tell us about someone you think is an Everyday Hero in your community.

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Family Network on Disabilities of Florida-Rich La Belle-Bay News 9-Everyday Hero

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