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writing a formal business memoho

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Hi, my name is Mark, and we're going to look at how to write an office memo. By definition "office" indicates that we're looking at an specific environment (a.e.?) your office. The memo is usually a formal document indicating changes or something new is going to happen. so, for example, it is a new head of... a new office manager, or a new... collegue of you in the company, or the company is deciding to discount a no stop smoking policy, or it's going to... use a new form of internal communication. Something that is going to affect everybody's working play. So for this you need again a title, a subject so what we're talking ahead, of your fax machine for example; and... why the company's decided it or...just the company has decided to install this new a piece of equipment Why it's going to happen, how it's going be used, who can use it, et cetera. Rather than information to you the recip., the recipient of this memo There should be a subject heading, the... from for example the.. the office manager to the work force. This can be a hard copy or this can be on the internet. The internal memorandum system on line. This means that, for example, if everyone in the office was to received this information it will go to all on the internet or it will be hand delivered to every single person in the office. It could be just an specifically office line managers who would then communicate down on line but in some memorandum it's realy written to convey something new within the office or working place.

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how to write a memo

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