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Pilates explained

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THE HUNDRED.-This is a classic Pilates exercise's both an abdominal exercise and also a breathing exercise so there's a lot going on in here. The main things you wanna think about is getting the expense of breath where you're gonna inhale for five counts... ...exhale for five counts... ...keeping the body still, so... we'll have Martha show you To get into it she's gonna start by coming to "table top" with her knees getting that means she brought the feet and knees together she has a little awareness around, just a light contraction in her glutes, ...and her abdominals are holding on to be in this position. Go ahead and take your arms overhead, Martha, all the way back...that's great... and just make sure the brims are down she's gonna inhale...prepare on the exhale she's gonna crawl up extending her arms and legs forward back into really the "chest-less" position inhale...hold the position... and now on the exhale she's gonna start pumping those arms... ...three, four, five...and inhale... ...two, three, four, five and exhale... Notice the stillness through her body... She's very stable through the center, that's the main point don't want your whole body to be moving You can't see it but her lungs are expanding... and they're contracting Lots of air in... lots of air out. The count is five inhales, two, three, four, five exhales, really it's one long breath... She's gonna do that ten times to make the hundred. You can just draw your legs in... ...and rest "The hundred"

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Posted by: totleigh on Oct 13, 2010

Pilates exercise- the hundred

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