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Stephen King's - Cujo

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Mommy! Bad dreams? - Mommy. - All over, come on here. He's in my closet, something's in my closet. Oh, too much junk food. Too much of the tube, guys. He's in there. Tad, now there's nothing in this house that's going to hurt you. Now, look what I see in the closet here. All right, I see clothing, I see a pile of blankets on a chair, a lot of toys that weren't put away, and your favorite over-the-hill teddy bear who would probably be a lot happier... Who would probably be a lot happier in bed with you. And that's it, nothing else. I saw him, really. He's in the closet. He has yellow eyes, and his mouth is about this long, and he has teeth and they're curled like this, and he made sounds. What kind of sounds? What kind of sounds? Come on, try. What kind of sounds? Like what? Yeah, that'd scare me pretty good. - Really. - But he's all gone now, champ, see? He's in there, I saw him. Really. Tad, you saw him in your dreams, in your head, nowhere else. See, Tad, there aren't any real... Tad, listen to me, there's no such thing as real monsters. Only in stories. There's no real monsters, though. - Really? - Really. Really. Okay, over, done with, gone, right? Over, done with, gone. Okay, snuggle in. Night, night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. You have good dreams, little man. There aren't any monsters, Tad. Except for the one in my closet. Please. Please, please. Hey, Tadder. You know, it looks like someone was moving furniture around up in your bedroom last night? Any idea on who that might have been? No. - Do you know, Donna? - Wasn't me. Wasn't me, neither. Wasn't me. Yeah, come on in, Steve. Morning. - Mrs. Trenton. - Morning. Here you go, Tadpole. Just like I promised, brought your horse back. - Looks pretty good stripped, doesn't it? - Do we have a cheque for him? Listen, why don't you just wait until I bring your table back? Thanks. Well, I can't stay for a cup of coffee anyway. Sorry, would you like a cup? Just teasing. Hey, Tad, maybe it was Mr. Kemp who moved all your furniture around, huh? Okay. What did I do now, huh? - No, the monster did it. - The monster? Oh, now come on, remember what I said. "There aren't no such things as monsters." There aren't any such things as monsters. Not in the daytime anyway. Oh, come here, you. "Not in the daytime." I'll show you what a monster can do in the daytime. He grabs your knee... <i>- I know a lot about cereals... - Daddy, Daddy, look!</i> <i>...because I'm the Sharp Cereal Professor.</i> <i>Sharp Cereals, Twinkles, Coco-Bears, Bran 16...</i> My daddy invented that. He made him all up. Who? The Professor. <i>And they're good for you.</i> Well, your daddy's real smart, isn't he? As well as being a hell of a tennis player. Ready for a rematch anytime you are. - Sure, sure. - Tadpole. - Bye. - Bye. Thanks. <i>No, nothing wrong here.</i> That's game, set, and match. - It was a good game. - Oh, yeah. - What was the score, 6-0, 6-1? - Yeah. - You're not getting tired of this, are you? - What, are you kidding me? Getting my ass handed to me every week? No, I love it. I'm a masochist. - Well, whatever turns you on. - Yeah. No. Turn that off, please. It's dinner. Turn it off. This marriage is definitely running out of conversation, isn't it? Maybe we should talk about having another baby. I got you. Oh, no, he's got me. He's got me. Watch my chair! Hi. Excuse me. Listen, I have a problem with my front wheel. I wonder if you could take a look at it. Park it next to the Datsun, leave the keys in it. Well, I was kind of hoping I could wait for it today. - You're kidding. - No. - See you later, Harry. - Yeah. Joe Camber will do it for you. What's that? Joe Camber. Do a real good job and he won't rob you blind. Where's Joe Camber? You take 117 here, straight out of town, 6 miles, give or take. Go all the way out to the end, you'll see Camber's mailbox. Can't miss it. Thanks. See you later, Harry. Hi. Pa! Tough time finding this place. How are you? My name is Victor Trenton. You're Mr. Camber, right? Yeah. Afternoon. You folks want anything to drink? No, thank you. Thanks. Vic. Come on, Cujo. Come on, boy. Don't go over to that dog, you don't know that dog. Don't worry about it, ma'am. Cujo won't hurt him, he likes kids. He's safe. Run me down the hill and back, wanna have a listen to it. - Yeah, okay. - Vic. Oh, it's all right. Yeah, it's all right. Don't worry, Mr. Trenton, your boy will be all right. Gently. Cujo. His name's Cujo. - Cujo? How you doing, Cujo? - He loves that. Hey, boy. What kind of dog is he? Saint Bernard. He's a great dog. Yeah, he's a pretty smart one, too. Monsters, stay out of Tad's room, you have no business here. No monsters in Tad's closet, it's too small for you in there. See? Where else? - Under the bed. - Under the bed? Okay. All right. No monsters under Tad's bed, you cannot fit under there. No monsters outside Tad's window. Can't hold on out there. Nothing will touch Tad, nothing will hurt Tad all through this night. Okay? They have no business here. Okay? God, 1:30. What? You're just really good with him, that's all. How am I with you? Wonderful. Night. <i>No, nothing wrong here.</i> <i>Well, that's not entirely true.</i> <i>This morning, thousands of people across the country</i> <i>reported internal hemorrhaging after eating Sharp Cereal products.</i> <i>The scare, however, proved to be a false alarm.</i> - Hi. - Hi. - Hi, Tad. - Hi, Dad. <i>Despite that fact, the scare has reached alarming proportions.</i> <i>Sharp Cereal has been unavailable for comment.</i> <i>Nope, nothing wrong here, folks.</i> Cute. That's our ad campaign. They've recalled the whole goddamn cereal. - Then there's no harm done, is there? - "No harm done"? Donna, that guy comes into America's living room, and he says to kids, he says, "Trust me." - Yes, I understand. - No, I don't think you do. You see, we created that guy, Roger and me. - He's our brainchild. - Yes, I understand. And these kids, they go out and they buy the cereal. All the Sharp Cereals. All of them. Bran 16, All Grain, Coco-Bears, Twinkles. And now, kids all over the country are peeing and puking red dye and scaring the hell out of their parents, and we told them to buy it. The Sharp Professor is us. That's our ass, Roger's and mine. You'll work it out, you always have before. All right, look, I appreciate this isn't a world crisis, - it's not a mass suicide... - That'll be Roger. Hello? Yeah, sure, Roger, hold on. It's Roger. Calm down. Hi, Rog. Roger, Rog, calm down. Calm down, we'll work it out, we always have before. Well, then, nobody got hurt, right? What we're talking about here is a lot of scared people. <i>We're talking about recalling the whole goddamn cereal.</i> Well, that's not too bad. I mean, it certainly could be worse. Hey, buddy, don't yell at me, I didn't do it, it's your dye not my... Roger. <i> there's nothing wrong here. - Look, look, no harm was done,</i> and I'm sure given time, this whole thing will blow over... <i>We're having a special board meeting next week, okay?</i> Special board meeting? <i>To re-assess our position re the Professor.</i> Sure, we can be there. <i>- You better be there. - Right.</i> <i>You better start taking this a little more seriously, too.</i> <i>- Right. - I'm not kidding.</i> "To re-assess our position, re the Professor." We lost the Sharp account. Brett! Hi. Hi. Come here. Can't see you anymore, Steve. Well, it's a little late for that, isn't it? Just came by to tell you that. Okay. Look, can you tell me why? Jesus, I don't know. I got this terrific husband and this terrific kid and here I am screwing around with the local stud. No offense intended. None taken. What the hell's the matter? It's just over, that's all. I want it over. It's not your fault. It was just a stupid mistake. Okay. Whatever you want. I'm sorry. - Hi, pumpkin. - Hi. Look what I made. Hey, that's really nice. What happened to you? - Nothing. - Yeah? Doesn't look like nothing. I got hit by a swing. Come here, let me make it better. Well, over, done with, gone, right? Over, done with, gone. Okay, strap in. - Oh, you like this, huh? - It's fun. <i>Bum, bum, bum</i> <i>- I see your hiney, nice and shiny - Nice and shiny</i> <i>- If you don't hide it, I think I'll bite it - I think I'll bite it</i> - Daddy's home. - Yeah, so I see. Okay, everybody out. - Hi. - Daddy! My big guy. - Home early, huh? - Yeah. - What happened to your head? - Fell off the swing. - You did? - Pinto's doing that thing again. I'll have to take it out to Camber's. Let me see. - Yeah, I've heard that one before. - Come here. Hey, would you like to play some baseball? - Yeah. - Would you? There's a load of groceries here, Tad, that's your job. No, not today. Go on, go get your mitt, you left it on the front lawn again. - Go on. - Okay. So what'd you do today? Oh, you know, the usual. Groceries, errands. Yeah? Roger come in today? No, he's still in mourning for the account. What the hell is that? It's an engine hoist. You wanted one. It's the new hydraulic hoist you wanted. You kept telling me you need one. You tell me what the fuck you're up to, Charity. Sit down and eat, and I will. Can't you use it? Damn well can't afford it. I won the lottery. $5,000. When do we get it? Two weeks, a little less. Thanks. I got you a present. You give me one, Joe. Okay? I wanna go away for a week with Brett, to see my sister in Connecticut. Boston? What the hell are you gonna do in Boston? What makes you think I could afford to go, anyways? Shit, you're rolling in it! You might have to dig out something from the mattress is all. You're kicking up your heels a little, aren't you, Joey? You gonna go right to the Combat Zone, see a couple of dirty movies and try to get the clap. You better look out, Pervier, or I'll sic my dog on you. That dog? You couldn't sic that dog on me if I was coming at you with a straight razor in each hand. What's your wife say about it? She don't know, she don't have to know. Oh, sure. She gonna take the boy and visit her sister. Gonna be gone a week. You gonna spend a lump of that lottery money, huh? - Oh, shit. - Broads, booze, baseball! I don't want to do it alone, it's no fun. Come on. I don't give a shit if I do. Okay, now you're talking. Now you're talking! You got me, got me! You got me, got me! How's my boy, huh? You having a good time at summer camp? - No. - No? Your mom said you were having fun. - Come on, you wanna go home, then? - Yeah. All right, come on, let's go. Over the shoulders. Yeah, home we go. Think you can beat me to the Jaguar? Think you can beat me? Come on. God, you scared the shit out of me. I'm sorry. How'd you get in here anyway? Finished with your table, I brought it back. It's all stripped and it's a beautiful piece of work. Leave it on the back porch. I already did. Where's Tadpole? He's upstairs sleeping. - Steve. - I miss you, okay? - You know, I miss touching you. - Steve... Please. Quit it! Steve. Home! It's my goddamn home, you bastard! Bastard, it's my home! What the hell are you doing? Who the hell do you think you're talking to? Just get out of here, Kemp. Mommy, Mommy! What happened? The milk spilled. - Go out and ride your bike, Tad. - Are you okay, Mommy? - Go on. - Yeah, honey, I'm okay. Go ride your bike. I brought your table, but I spilt some... Steve. Yeah. Yes or no? Yes. No, no! Don't, you son of a... What is it? I don't want you to go. Well, I'll be back. I'll be back in 10 days. But I don't want to go to day camp. Why don't you give that another day or two, all right? Who's gonna say the monster words? Mommy don't know them. Come here. You see, Tad, the thing about the monster words is they're written down. Yeah, that's the only way your dad can know them. So, what I'll do is I'll copy them for you and I'll tack them on your bedroom wall and that way... Well, your mom can read them to you every night. Will you? I will. I promise I'll do it for you tonight. Okay, Tad, time for your nap. I love you, sport. Did you fix it? No, I don't have the tools. Take it up to Joe Camber's, it's only 7 miles. Yeah, maybe. I'll try and run it up Saturday if I can get the time. It's okay, I'll take care of it. Cujo? Cujo. Cujo, what's the matter? Cujo, it's me, Brett. Take it easy, boy. I'm not gonna hurt you. Cujo? Cujo! Cujo! I don't want you to go for 10 days. I want you to go for one day. Tad, I'll be back before you know it. Now give me a kiss, come on. I forgot to take the Pinto into Camber's. I'll take care of it. Well, I'll see you. Vic! Stay there. I just wanted you to know it was over. I just wanted to be sure that you knew that. I can't make that it never happened, Vic. I can't make like it never happened either, Donna. I know. I know that. So I don't know what I'm gonna do yet. I don't know. Get the rest of the bags, Brett. Mom? You know, I'm worried about Cujo. I saw him this morning in the fog and he was all bloody. He was dripping foam at the mouth. I think I better tell Dad. No, you do no such thing. Your father would just jump on something like that. You just leave him be and he'll come mooching around your dad and your dad will take care of him. He loves Cujo. Yeah, I guess he would. Tell you what, we'll call your father tonight. When you talk to him, you say, sort of casually, "You feeding my dog, Daddy?" Then you know. - Yeah. - Brett! Cujo. What're you growling at? Come on! Come on! I don't give a shit! You hear me? I don't give a shit! You are dead, you stupid son of a bitch. Cujo! Cujo! Cujo! Shit. Gary! Hey, Gary! Gary? Gary! Oh. Shit. Gary. Gary. Cujo! Oh, my God, you're rabid. Easy, boy. Easy, Cujo. <i>- One rolled over and the other one said - One rolled over and the other one said</i> <i>Bum, bum, bum</i> <i>- I see your hiney, it's nice and shiny - I see your hiney, it's nice and shiny</i> <i>- If you don't hide it, I think I'll bite it - If you don't hide it, I think I'll bite it</i> <i>Oh, my goodness, oh, my soul!</i> Come on, baby. Just a little more to go. - Well, I think we've arrived, Tadder. - Yeah, but is anybody home? I don't know, we'll see. Hello? - I can't get my seatbelt off. - Hello? Just great. This is great. - I can't get my dang old seatbelt off. - All right! I'm coming. You're so impatient. Damn belt is stuck again. I guess everything in this car is broken. I wish Daddy'd get a new car. Sounds good to me. Damn this car. You pull while I push. Oh, I can't get it. Pull! - It's okay, it's okay. - Mommy! Oh, there's no monsters. I know, baby. It's the monster out of my closet! Listen to me, it's not a monster, it's just a doggy. Okay, okay. I want to go home. The doggy's gone. See, the doggy's gone. Okay, all right, we're gonna go home right now. We're going right now. Damn this car! - I want to go home. - Listen to me! - I want to go home. - We can't go home right now, okay? We have to wait. Tad, we have to let... Okay. We have to let the engine die down. Okay. Okay, we're gonna go home in a few minutes. We're gonna go home in a few minutes. Mom, aren't we going? Ma! Yeah, okay, we'll try it. Cross your fingers. Come on, baby, one more time. Great, it started! We're gonna go home. Fuck you, dog. Come on, damn it, turn over. Goddamn you, car! God, why didn't you get this car fixed? God! Mommy, are you okay? Yeah. I thought you were mad at me. No, baby, never at you. Can he get us in here? No. Can he eat his way in here? Can he? No. Wish he would die. Me, too. Mommy? - What? - I gotta go pee. - Oh, Tadder, you got to go bad? - Yes. Real bad? Okay, look, we're gonna open this door just a little crack, okay? And you pee right outside here. Why can't we go outside? Because it's too cold. Get your pants down. - Ready? - Ready. Okay, go quick. Zip up your pants, Tad. - Don't open the window! - Got to open a little bit for some air. What's that? The monster words. Oh, let me see. Please? I'll give them right back. - Something to drink. - Oh, baby. We got just a little bit left and I think we ought to save it, okay? Can you wait just for a while? - Yeah. - Good, thank you. Can I have my monster words back? "Monsters stay out of Tad's room. You have no business here. "No monsters under Tad's bed, you can't fit under there. "No monsters hiding in Tad's closet, it's too small in there. "No monsters outside Tad's window, "you can't hold on out there. "No vampires, no werewolves, nothing that bites. "You have no business here." Maybe it'll start now. I'm afraid to try it because the battery's so weak. What does it matter if the battery's weak or not? We're just sitting here. Try it. Please. Okay. Told you. Don't worry, when the mailman comes we'll go home. - Just lay them out like this. - Okay. - George. - Yeah. Hold mail until notified, the Cambers, remember, George? My mind's gone. Thanks, Roger. Saved me a trip. Get back in that barn, damn you. Oh, my God. It makes him angry. Come on. Please be quiet. I want to go home. I want to go home. Momma wants to go home very much, too. Can we please go home? Oh, baby. <i>No, nothing wrong here.</i> <i>- No, nothing wrong here. - This is ridiculous.</i> We need a whole new campaign. Start from scratch, huh, Vic? - Vic? - Huh, what? I'm sorry. Cut it, Frank. We're wasting our time. - Where you going? - I need some sugar. Tadder? Tad? Oh, shit. Mommy, Mommy. Mommy, please! Mommy! - I want to go home. - Okay, baby. Real soon. Real soon, dear. Tadder, real soon. I want to go home. Don't get out of the car. No! - Do you have any idea what time it is? - Just wanted you to know, Roger. - I have to go back. - Go back? Go home? You can't do that. This whole damn thing was your idea. - You can't do that to me. - I know, Roger. I'm sorry. - But I can't stay. - Oh, look, I understand. I know what you're going through. - You do? - Of course. You think I'm so wrapped up in my own problems, I can't see what's happening to you. I see it, believe me. - Happens to everyone. - Not to me, it doesn't. Oh, you can't come up with an answer to the Sharp account so you think you're through, you think the creative juice is gone. It's panic, that's all. Just panic. Hey, what did I say? Vic, what is eating you? Donna's been having an affair. Before I left she told me she had quit it. But, Roger, she hasn't answered the phone in two days. Oh, shit. I'm going back. I'm sorry. Look, maybe she's spending the night with a friend. Oh, I can't believe I said that. Call someone. Call the police, have them go over and take a look. That's not the point. God damn it, Vic, you can't run out on the Sharp account. Wanna bet? Please, God, get me out of here. Please get me out of here. Tad. Tadder, wake up. Tad. Tad! Tad! Tad! Oh, my God. Tad, wake up. Oh, come on. Breathe, breathe. Tad. Come on, breathe. Breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Come on. Tadder, talk to me. I want to go home. - Tadder, talk. - I want to go home. <i>Four little monkeys sitting on a bed</i> <i>- One rolled over - One rolled over</i> <i>- and the other one said - Bum, bum, bum</i> <i>I see your hiney, nice and shiny</i> <i>If you don't hide it, I think I'll bite it</i> Okay. Anybody home? Donna? Donna? We got to everybody on that list, didn't we, Bannerman? Did we ever reach Mrs... What was her name? - Her friend in Werdon? - I said yes. Man, I'm telling you, it was Kemp. All right? This was Kemp who did this. - Where's your wife's car, Mr. Trenton? - The what? It bothers me. Kemp came here, right? He grabs your wife and son. Why? Well, he's crazy, which is reason enough. Where's her car? It's in the shop at Camber's. The needle valve is sticking. - Joe Camber's? - Yes, Joe Camber's. - She was going to take it in. - When would that have been? - I don't know. - I'll check it out. Wait, what are you going to do about Kemp? We've got an MV alert out on him, we'll pick him up soon enough. Kemp is taken care of. Goddamn you! No! Oh, Tad. Oh, not now! Oh, please, not now. Oh, please, please. Breathe! Not now! I want... - I want my daddy. - Okay. Okay. I'll get your daddy. Oh, my God. I want my daddy. I want my daddy. I want my daddy. - I want my daddy. - All right, I'll get your daddy! Mr. Trenton? We picked up Kemp. Are they all right? Well, your wife and son weren't with him. He claims that he never even saw them. Bullshit! Now you don't believe that, do you? Not after what he did to the house. Now, that's the thing. He admits that he trashed the house. His story checks. To tell you the truth, I believe him. What did Bannerman say? Well, he... Probably following up some lead, we'll be hearing from him any time now. Wait a minute, you haven't heard from him yet? He hasn't even called in? Tad? Tad, baby. Tad. Oh, baby, wake up. Tadder? Tad? Dear, God, gotta save my baby. Gotta save my baby. Well, come on, then! Tadder? Tad? Tad? Breathe! Yes. Yes, baby. Yes, yes. Yes, my baby. Yes. Yes. Yes, baby, yes. Donna? Donna? Donna!

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a film from the book by stephen king cujo it is a horror movie and this is very good

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